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Feb 12, 2005
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I saw this when I went to Sephora last week. What do you guys think? It is a Sephora exclusive.


Smashing Impression Face Compact

Everything you need in one ready-for-travel compact, including three eye shadows (soft fawn, gold, teal), three lip glosses (rose, peachy gold shimmer, sheer red with gold glimmer), one shimmering face highlighter (champagne)and a blush (sot peach) - all the latest shades from Smashbox Photo studios Los Angeles.

That's pretty. Lots of nice colors that you can do lots with. I'm just not a fan of face palettes just because I like having things seperate from eachother. I don't know why. lol

It's a pretty palette but I don't like the quality or high price of Smashbox's stuff. Just my personal opinion.

Ooh Marisol, how CUTE is that. I think i'd only use 1 of the lipglosses though so i won't be buying it. But if you think you'd use EVERYTHING in the palette then go for it. I'm a sucker for cute palettes (even though i rarely can afford them!) and yes that is cute!

Thats cute! I like Smashbox... so I'm all for it! LOL But like the girls said... only if you think you'll use everything, otherwise it might be better to just buy what you'll use seperately
It's cute, but I agree with Jess. I don't care for the quality of Smashbox, especially for their price.


I think this is a really pretty palette & have been eyeing it for a few weeks. The price is right for the amount of stuff you get.

That's a bargain for $25 bucks! I'd probably use everything except the blue eyeshadow and the highlighter.

Shame I'm on shopping restriction til April at least. Arrrgh.

I think that it's a great deal as well. I'm on a mini-ban, but that won't start until next Sunday, so I might have to cave. LOL!

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