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Nov 21, 2007
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Hey everyone!

Okay, so I've been experimenting with various MMU companies. But I always go back to the first mmu I've tried, EDM, and I'm very satisfied with it. :) I just want to see if there are any other that are worth sampling.

Very recently, I've tried Lumiere, and I had high hopes for it because everyone was raving about it. But I find it smells weird, and completely disappear after about four hours (with primer and everything). Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Anyway, I digress. I want your opinions on these following companies. It's a bit expensive trying to sample everything, so I want your expert opinions:


-Aubrey Nicole



Why you like/dislike it:


Does it look cakey:

Does it easily transfer:

How long does it last on you:

Additional information:

Any other MMU you absolutely swear by? (I have oily skin, do not need too heavy a coverage)

Thanks a lot guy! <3

hi there..

I sample a lot! and I find it fun. I like to find somthing new.

I sample all the companies that you ask about.

ocean mist - the coverage is light-medium and its not stay long.

AN- the coverage is very light for me, and becouse the coverage I didnt see how much its stay on my face.

monave the coverage is full - heavy. very good foundation and stay all day.

this is not cakey look.

meow now Im sampling meow. its seems very good fundation, the coverage is full and I didnt chek the stay. I will tell you..

this is my opinion about the fuondations.

i don't actually use just one brand. i mix and match.

for concealers, i use everyday minerals in Mint and Oceanmist saffron yellow color corrector which is very good for my existing acne marks.

after i apply lumiere veena veil in sand, followed by lumiere veena velvet foundation. since i have oily skin. then i top it off with everyday minerals balancing dust.

i find that applying veena veil or balancing dust before foundation helps control oil. i have very oily acne prone skin. following these steps helps control shine. i don't even have to blot that often.

what lumiere foundation are you using? for oily skin u have to use the veena velvet or cashmere foundation.

i think the smell u mentioned is from the ingredient avena sativa (wheat) which can be found in both veena velvet and luminesse formulas.

concealers, bronzers, eyeshadows veena silk veil, veena veil, veena blush and 3-D powders also contains this ingredient.

Oceanmist - can't say much, broke me out, the converage was rather sheer, as to the saying power can't say much. Used this once, went shopping and came back home fast to remove it.

-Aubrey Nicole - this is really good foundation. I just have problems with shades. They have two formulas, either sheer cover or full coverage. I use full coverage. I like the coverage and the staying power. I can really recommend this foundation.

-Monave - ok, people love this foundation but I hate it, the coverage is great, makes me look cakey, the staying power is also good, but it makes my face more oily and at the end of the day I look like I had a mask on my face. I also have problem with shades, I need to mix at least two to achieve the shade which would suit me, and I also had to add their foundation adjusters.

-Meow - this is my HG foundation I use either pamperred puss or flawless feline. In summer I prefer less coverage and I use pampered. Now in winter I prefer flawless. I love the coverage and the staying power and I can recommend this foundation.

However as this forum proves the HG MMU is a very individual thing and what doeasn't work for me may work for you.

-Oceanmist -- Very good foundation. It doesn't look cakey at all - but I can get a very full coverage from it without looking crepey. It lasts until I take it off. It doesn't transfer easily at all. One thing to note though when trying to find a color match please realize that the colors start out from very fair on up. My skin reacted fine with this makeup - no breakouts or itchiness.

-Aubrey Nicole -- Also a very good foundation. It doesn't cake and I can get a very full coverage with it without looking like I'm wearing a mask. My skin didn't react in any adverse way with it - not itchiness or breakouts. Excellent staying power, no color transfer. It lasted all day. You can get either the soft coverage or full coverage - both work for me. Very buildable - excellent product.

-Monave. Terrible (for me). It caused my skin to break out, also itched from it. The coverage was very heavy but looked mask-like regardless of how little I put on. A lot of people who use this also use Lumiere - and that was another one that didn't work for me. My skin reacted in a very similar fashion as with the Monave. I also looked very "grey" with this makeup. This didn't work for me.

-Meow -- I never got to sample this one. I would try it but I'm happy with what I have - all 10 different brands!

I am also very happy with EDM and that's one of the first that I tried. I find that all of the different coverages work for me too. So even though I have combination skin, I can wear their Original-Glo. It's not glowy at all and it gives me a different look with the same makeup brand. The only one that I don't use of their's is the semi-matte. I don't know why, but I just don't. Maybe it's because I use the matte, intensive and original-glo and really wouldn't get a different "look" from it? I'm not quite sure, but I do have samples in the semi-matte and it looks and behaves very much like the matte or intensive on me.

Hope this helps you.


Thanks guys!

Kathrynrlao, I used Veena Velvet and the Sand Veil the same way I apply my EDM (finishing dust before foundation, veil after), yet it still does not last nor look good on me by the end of the day. It's unfortunate because I really liked the texture and how it looks when I first apply it.

Agatapas, if I could, I'd love to try every sample. It's just that my mom has been complaining about all these cosmetics being delivered to the house. :)

Coocoo4coco, wow ten brands! And EDM is my favorite. I am not fond of their original glo, since my skin is oily and I do not need anymore sheen :) Their intensive formula is my favorite!


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