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Dec 14, 2003
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I'm getting my son a new computer. The deal is kind of strange *to me* long story. But he's getting it from some guy *out of state* they're builing it for him. I asked my son whats on it, this was his answer: Amd XP 3200+ radeon 9800 pro' audigy sound blaster 2 1 gig mushkin 3200 ram asus mother board 80 gig 7200 rpm 8 meg cache What the hell does this mean?
$680.00, good deal or no Originally Posted by Kage_ Amd XP 3200+ This is the processor model radeon 9800 pro' The Video Card audigy sound blaster 2 Sound Card 1 gig mushkin 3200 ram 1 Gig of PC3200 Ram asus mother board The motherboard that the processor goes on 80 gig 7200 rpm The size of the Hard Drive 8 meg cache The cache size of the motherboard What the hell does this mean? Most of those items are pretty standard. How much is the guy gonna charge him for it? Kage_
Yeah, he knows him from the net, my son is a gamer and I guess this guy is a gamer too. He had the computers for a tournament that never happened, so he's trying to recoup money he lost. He's totally stoked about getting this but I just want to know what all that stuff was and you def answered my question. Thanks

Originally Posted by Kage_ My guess is the guy isnt making much on the machine. Assuming the parts in the machine are the ones listed I caculate a retail price of the parts around $730. So $680 is a pretty good price. The only thing I would ask if the person building the machine is someone your son knows or someone he found off the net. If he found him on the net see if you can find any feedback on him.