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Feb 1, 2006
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Remember the the thread I posted about my former doctor? This one..https://forum.makeuptalk.com/f96...ion-64160.html

I received a letter from him around September 4th. I haven't wrote back to him because of my surgery etc plus I didn't want to write too soon.

I'm in the process of writing him a letter. I plan on telling him about my surgery, not the details, since I figure he did similar operations on me maybe he would be interested in medical stuff.

But besides that I have no idea what else to write. My last letter to him ,which he replied to not long ago, I thanked him for helping me in the past. The letter was in more detail explaining that with his support he helped me to where I am today etc etc.

This is what I sensed about him while I was his patient. Although he was nice, sometimes moody, I could also sense he is shy, cautious, and reserved.

There were a few of my letters in the past he never responded to. In one letter I mentioned I had just come back from vacation, explained where I visited. It was short letter, but no details. I also asked him How are you? in that letter. No response. I thought with writing about my vacation, een though it was not in detail, maybe it was too personal?

I feel as though I do have to be careful what I say for fear of maybe scaring him off. I never ask him questions because I don't want him to get the wrong intentions plus I don't want to seem like I am being snoopy.

Of course I would like to know how he is but at the same time I know it is within his right if he chooses not to tell me and I would never pressure him.

The very first letter he wrote me he did mention a few things that I guess you could call somewhat personal. He had fractured a bone and was away visiting relatives. The rest of the letter he mentioned he was pleased to see that I am improving etc.

At the beginning of my letters I always thank him for replying , I hope he is okay and enjoying retirement.

I guess you could say my letters are formal.

In his most recent reply he did add his home address in the letter.

Any thoughts?