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May 6, 2004
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On Xmas Day I'm wearing..

Brown Boots, Brown Pants (trousers), Pale Green V-Neck Wrap Top with Brown Camisole inside it, Cream Coat..

So any suggestions on an eye look?

Ooooh, what a gorgeous look Laura!

Do you like to play w/colors on your eyes? If so, I think something like this would be gorgeous....

pale celery green on lid

cream to highlight browbone and inner eye

medium brown in crease

darker brown in outer "V"

black (or brown) eyeliner on top lashline, along bottom 1/3 of lashline, smudged

curled lashes + mascara

Buuuuuttt, if that's not your cup of tea, what about something like this?

medium shimmery brown on lid (like MAC Satin Taupe)

cream to highlight browbone and inner eye

black eyeliner on top lashline, bottom 1/3 of lashline and smudged, inner rims

curled lashes + mascara

Hope this helps ya some, Laura!
They're two of my fave looks, esp. the latter.

They both sound fab.. I don't have any celery colored eyeshadow though. Have you any rec's? I could run out & buy one for Saturday. If not, then i'll go with the 2nd look coz that sounds great too. You're a star, thanks a million

Oooh, that would be pretty, too, Kim!

And Laura, I'd recommend L'oreal Color Fresco in Pistachio Ice for a celery green.

i think a soft pink on the lid (Stila Kitten) & deep olive in the crease would be nice. something to highlight beneath the brow & smudge an olive e/s as a liner & go. don't forget to play up the lashes.

Hmm, i think i have MAC Golden Olive pigment.. would that do Kim? I know i should really play around before Saturday but i've so much going on that i might not have time to experiment before the big day! Thanks for all the rec's girlies

When I wear green clothing (which is rare, I usually wear black) I do a really simple look, but it's very sexy. I use Nina's Nugget cream shadow by Benefit on the whole lid using a foundation brush. It's a pale golden color, it's great on any skin tone. Then I use a shimmery brown powder shadow in the crease, something like Lazy Boy or Buckle Bunny from Benefit. Then I line my eyes with the Babe Cakes liquid cake liner (Benefit of course) in the dark brown shade, then taking an angled brush, my preference is the brand "Brandon" for this brush, then I dip that into the dark brown shadow and tap that over the top of my liquid liner when dry. Gives it a smokey look. Bottom lid, I line the inside of my waterline with dark brown liner in any brand and smoke with the brown shadow underneath the bottom lashes. I use black mascara all the time, so that's what I'll use no matter what.

Bronzer would be nice with a peach blush.

Lips.. I always go nude on the lips when wearing green or brown, so I do Posh liner from Benefit with Thigh Highs Benefit gloss on top. I don't wear lipstick usually unless it's super metallic. I normally fill my lips in with the liner. If you would rather have a thicker gloss, then do Nymphette from MAC over Posh or any peach/nude liner. That would be pretty.


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