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Dec 18, 2012
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Okay so from the time I was little I can recall my hair red. My mom just told me she would put peroxide in my shampoo. So I started dying my hair young. At the age of 12 is when I started to dye my hair with my mom once a year. 16 when it got out of control for a while every like 3 months to 4 (I had it every color of the rainbow).

Now I'm older I keep dying my hair without a 2nd though, I really need help, any advice will help. As of right now my hair it halo done copper med blonde to black(natural color). I love it even tho my hair is almost fried.

I'm not a teen no more, will be getting married here soon (yes, he doesn't like me messing with my hair too much. I straighten it once maybe 2 a week other then that it's in a pony or down and I learned how to strip the color using home products. I do condition it all the time and put oils.)

So any advice will help. So please advise anything because I think this is starting to control my life now. Even more so now, I do it around 4 weeks just roots so it looks nice.

Thank you for reading and giving your advice

It sounds like this has gone beyond a habit. Like it is something you feel you need to do. You need to think of your hair as a expression of you, not as what defines you. I encourage you to follow your fiance's lead and learn to embrace what is natural to you, at least for a little while to get in under control. Black hair is gorgeous and usually super shiny.

You don't want your hair fried for your wedding. How far away is your wedding?

My wedding is in April 16th. I don't think my hair looks shine everyone says that I have grate hair even when I go all natural and have a bed head =(  I can't even have my hair too long even when I'm trying to grow it out any tips on how to change all this?


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