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Dec 9, 2006
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I just have to say, i don't understand this look on Nelly Furtado, what happened to her hair? and this whole outfit is just wrong, i think Edward Scissorhands became a style manager or something, i've seen too many celebrities dressing like him lately

i liked her in this picture, until i saw the second one:
I was like "way to go!"

and this was my "wtf??"

I dont like it. And what is with her face? she looks like she's 50 years old.. and made out of plastic. And, I hate the hair. It looks like straw. I've seen her looking much better than this. But, meh, also seen her looking worse

I like the first pic, but the second picture is pretty bad. I can't even tell it's Nelly in the second picture.

her hair looks like when i used to use "sun-in" in high school, WAY back in the day, and it turns your hair orange! LOL!!! she looks much classier and sophisticated with her dark hair.

I love Nelly Furtado but WTF did she do to her hair. It's like one bad thing after another. Stop this madness and dye your hair drk. brown again. This color washes her out.......NOT

Yuk. Never liked Nelly since she made that disgusting song "Being a Wh*re is okay Kids!" also known as Promiscuous Girl.

I think her hair would have been better if she had gone to a better stylist! I kind of like it on her. I get bored with my hair color too, but it's too much maintnance if I changed it. I agree w/ u Nury, the top half looks good, and her makeup looks great.

Originally Posted by empericalbeauty /img/forum/go_quote.gif Everyone wants to be blonde. Sadly, not everyone should be blonde I agree. Unfortunatley, not everyone can pull of blonde hair. I like Nelly but this look is unflattering on her.
She should have just gotten highlights....I think this is what happens when you try to go from very dark hair to blonde too fast!...You get orange hair. I think she's too short to wear those pants.

I loved her as a brunnette...She was hotter and more exotic looking. This look is just okay for me.

Originally Posted by Kee /img/forum/go_quote.gif Yuk. Never liked Nelly since she made that disgusting song "Being a Wh*re is okay Kids!" also known as Promiscuous Girl. hey that's my jam!you mean you've never been able to relate to feeling horny at the heat of the moment

that's pretty much what the songs about
it's not like she used any explicit language y'now but to each her own

i think in nellys 2nd pic she looks like jenna jameson with a deep tan lol

UCK! She does look really old, when did that happen? And wow, what an outfit! Who put this together?? I know she has a mirror at home!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Kee /img/forum/go_quote.gif Not everyone wants to be a blonde! I love being brunette <3 Aye aye!
I hate her hair blonde!!

I love the bustier top!! But satin pajama pants??? Would have looked hot with a pencil skirt or even skinny jeans....Nooo Nelly!


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