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Jul 1, 2005
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This stuff is brand new and says it's the first to have spf 30 in eye cream. It also has a light tint to give you an immediate glow. I'm already using Benefit's eyecon, which i love and plan to always use, but should I use this eye cream during the day??? Why doesn't eye creams have spf in them? or at least the ones I've seen? Could I just rub some face block I already have on my eyes and it would be just as good? Thanks for the help!!!

it is ok (and recomended) to put normal sunblock cream around eyes also. the best would be something with chemical sunscreen like avobenzone (protects best against uva). unfortunatelly some people are sensitive to creams like that around eyes. in that case creams with mineral suncreens will do too. so if you dont observe any allergic reaction by all means put the normal sunscreen around eyes also

creams with spf's specifically for eyes dont give great protection, but are better than nothing. the ones I know with spf are estee lauder day wear plus for eyes and clinique stop signs for eyes.

sounds like an interesting proiduct...maybe i'll check it out myself. havent really seen a high spf in an eyecream like that before. i always have problems with eye irritation from sunscreen. maybe this is worth trying though! thanks!

Hmmm..sounds really interesting..and I do like most of Netrogena's products.


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