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Jun 11, 2005
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This just in from MAC Cosmetics–they have new lashes! Bianca from MAC mentioned this when I went to Fashion Week–so I am excited to finally tell you about it! See the press release below:
Lashes have reached a whole new level… No longer are lashes just for special nights out or glamorous events, they have become an everyday staple being worn by women of all ages.

This fall, MAC takes Lashes to the extreme – whether it’s a natural effect or a more dramatic look you want, it’s easily achieved with the re-launch of MAC Lashes. Acclaimed celebrity lash designer Christina Smith who has designed custom lashes for Hollywood leading ladies including Liza Minnelli, Kate Hudson, Hayden Panettiere and Gisele Bundchen, created 11 exclusive Lash styles with original, new features and streamlined packaging.

* Color – MAC Lashes have a unique blend of black and brown natural hairs, so they blend more naturally with your own lashes. Great for even the fairest of lashes.
* Clear Band – MAC Lashes feature a ground-breaking thin, clear band for easy application and flexibility. Lashes can move, bend and blend.
* Shorter Width – Say goodbye to trimming false lashes to fit. MAC’s newly designed Lashes have a shorter width, so they fit comfortably to the length of your natural lash line.
* Intentional Imperfection – No two lashes are the same or perfectly symmetrical. MAC created intentional imperfections in each lash design to create a more natural effect.

The new MAC Lashes are packaged in a unique white tray that holds the lashes around a circular post. The post is used for ease of identification, with the left lash on the left side, and the right lash on the right. The white inner tray slides into a clear outer case and locks into place for secure portability. In addition to beautifully displaying the lashes, the new case also allows for easy storage and reuse.

MAC Lashes will last through approximately 3-6 wears, with proper care. When removing Lashes from packaging or the lash line, gently lift one end and peel off slowly and carefully to keep Lashes intact. Store lashes in a cool, dry area as humidity or warm temperatures (often found in the bathroom) may compromise the curl of the lash.

Lash Styles, Pricing and Availability:
MAC Lashes retail for $11.00 USD and will be available on counter OCTOBER 2007.

#30: Individual lashes. Three lengths available in one package for the ultimate customization.
#31: Natural style length with a wispy texture. Perfect for those who want fullness every day.
#32: Natural style length that includes a combination of lash bundles and individual hairs for a natural fullness.
#33: Natural style length. Separate lash bundles give a flirty fringe.
#34: Slightly more dramatic length. Wispy texture with winged corners.
#35: Slightly more dramatic in length. Separate lash bundles for fullness above the iris, which creates a wide-eyed look. (MAC Store Exclusive)
#36: A full lash favorite that creates a naturally dramatic look.
#37: Most dramatic length. Theses Lashes are the biggest, fullest and longest (MAC Store Exclusive)
#38: Natural style length with a wispy texture. This half lash adds subtle fullness to the outer corner of the eye (MAC Store Exclusive)
#39: For the lower lash line. Natural style length with a wispy texture. Perfect for those of us who want extra fullness for lower lashes (MAC Store Exclusive)
#40: For the lower lash line. Natural style length. Combines lash bundles and individual hairs. (MAC Store Exclusive)
MAC Lashes should be used with a safe lash adhesive. Try Duo Adhesive available on $8.00 USD.

I actually got a sneek peek of these lashes when I went to the MAC Master Class. They are really beautiful!!
i saw them allready and theyre stunnig i love them, im going to get some this week!

i wear falsies alll the time theyre great!

I saw them at the MAC store by the Pentagon last week. They are all very nice. There are some that I want to pick up later.

I just got 5 pairs!!! and have tried them all already!! They are to die for, I might never apply mascara again.

the #33 are awesome!!!! they're longer in the center of the eye and give more of an open eyed effect. They're very natural looking too.

MAC falsies really are the best! So easy to put on! Sometimes I have even applied in the car while my husband is driving with just two toothpicks and the passenger-side flip-down mirror! Much more gratification for the work involved than mascara IMO
Must get some...


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