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Aug 3, 2005
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I just bought two pairs of boots from payless...10 bucks each. The fit on one isnt perfect, but for 10 bucks....i didnt care. I am looking for a way to work them in/stretch them a little. Any ideas? I dont want to have to buy anything to do it. They are just a manmade material...not real leather (of course ha).

Originally Posted by Ohappydayes /img/forum/go_quote.gif They make shoe stretcher ya know? Here's a link to an article about them and where you can buy them. I've never bought one, but my friend has some...not sure where she got her's. I'd love to see pics of the new boots.

Also found this shoe stretcher spray on Amazon, here's the link.

I dont want to have to buy anything though....kills the whole i got 2 pairs of shoes for 20 bucks vibe
Originally Posted by MamaRocks /img/forum/go_quote.gif I'd say wear them around the house as much as you can to stretch them a bit. that's what i do. i wear thick socks, too lol
Originally Posted by princess_20 /img/forum/go_quote.gif I think that the bets way is to walk with them as much as you can. good luck and enjoy:) ditto

I would get an adjustable shoe last, you can widen it to help mold the shoe to a more spacious shape.

Originally Posted by brewgrl /img/forum/go_quote.gif make your brother/boyfriend/dad wear them. someone with big feet. That's a great idea plus you'll be sparing yourself from the pain of stretching them with your own feet Lol.
Man made materials won't stretch like leather will. But I love the idea of making your brother/boyfriend/dad wear them anyway.


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