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Jun 17, 2004
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i was a big fan of the LE white chocolate mousse holiday scent, but it sold out very quickly. chocolate swirl smells almost as good, but it lacks the tasty hazelnut smell of white choc mousse. i thought you guys would want to know about this since its really hard to find a choc scent that isnt plasticy or weird. it comes in shower gel, body lotion, and moisturizing body wash (which is really excellent.)

Sounds yummy. Can't wait to get to a store to test it out !

looks like it wont be an LE scent, because they have the hand cream, body butter, and 3 oz body lotion and hand cream. its 3 for $15 this week, so i got 2 body washes and a hand cream.

I bought this over the weekend - 3 for $15.00 and I love it. Smells yummy!!!