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Feb 8, 2004
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(makeup by Candace Corey, hair by Nedjetti, phtg-Ken Payne, model from New York Model Management)

I just added a new video to my web site and one of those "blogs" that are so popular now. Stop by and take a look.

The blog is on the contact section, but I am not sure if I should leave it there or not. I was thinking about adding a listing to it like the other section, but I don't know what to call it. I think calling it "blog" is wierd....especially to those who don't know what it is. Maybe "journal" or "diary of a mad makeup artist".......I don't know. Give me some input on what you guys think.

Oh....the video is on the "TV" section....of course.
The blog is on the "contact" link at the bottom.

Candace Corey


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