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Sep 27, 2003
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Juicy Wear is a new long-lasting lipstick and sealer duo. Anyone tried this yet?


Sounds interesting.. Kinda like Max Factor's Lip Finity. Dont think its available in Ireland yet but i'd like to try it once it arrives! If anyone else has tried it, leave us know!

Okay ladies, I bought one today! I got this in Sweet Nude, which is a flesh pinky beige shade that's a YLBB look. I tried it on in the store and it glides on easily, but work quick because this sets fast. After you wait about 60 seconds, you apply the Seal and Shine Top Coat, which looks and feels like a regular gloss. I also tried other shades on my hand and did the true application process. Once set, the gloss slid around but the color would not budge. Very cool! So, here's the verdict: Between 3:30 and 8:00 p.m. I've had two bottled waters, one glass of Diet Coke, cheddar cheese and crackers and some baby carrots. Now that's really TMI but my lipstick is still on. The gloss is worn down but the color is definitely still there. Note: the bottled waters were first, and on both bottle rims there was virtually no lipstick color. Just some gloss residue. If I were to go out, I'd just reapply the gloss for a fresh look. I just took a break and went to the kitchen, where I firmly blotted my lips with a paper towel. Virtually no lipstick transfer. There was a teeny fleck here and there, but not enough to consider a transfer problem. Then I applied a wee bit of olive oil to my lips, pressed them together and blotted again on the paper towel. Defintely some color transfer but I still had color on my lips. Moral of the story: don't eat greasy food with this lipstick. But then again, I don't think anything short of an alkyd-based paint is going to withstand lots of oil. And scuff-marks. haha!

I'd be curious too. I just can't stand the strong L'Oreal fragrance...though I will add that this has a softer version of the L'Oreal scent. Hmmmmmm....

Originally Posted by Irishgirl I am wondering since Loreal/Lancome are connected if Loreal's versions of long lasting lipsticks are just as good. I love that these lipsticks last so long but end up passing on them because they feel uncomfortable after awhile.
Thanks for the info on this one! I'm thinking about going to go look at these now.
Oh no I don't need anymore new makeup purchase ideas....I've been trying to be good


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