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Sep 16, 2007
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Has anyone see or tried this new liquid make up, I think its by Revlon and, I think its called Color Creations or something like that? It had two colors in it and a dial on the front so that you can supposedly create the best match for your skin.
i've seen this advertised and i'm curious too.... if you move the dial to create your custom shade it seems like it might add 2 parts one shade and 1 part the other shade, and then after a while you'd run out of the first shade but still have more of the other shade left, but you could no longer mix it to make your perfect shade! I guess i'm just confused...

Hmm no I haven't. I was just at the drugstore last night too. Have to look for it next time!

I have an old foundation like that (it was the Models Prefer brand) I got it from QVC. You can order a refill for the one I had. I have not seen the revlon one.

I saw an ad for it, but I dont think I will try it, I'm too pale and so probably one color wouldnt work. I might look at it at the store though.