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Jun 13, 2004
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New Scents at Make Me Smooth!

Introducing 9 new fabulous scents for Spring, plus 1 new SheShe Lip Balm Flavor in Chai Tea. Scrumptious sniffs that will make you go MMMMM!

Bahama Vanille - A sexy, exotic Vanilla from the beautiful tropics. A mélange of creamy, smooth Vanilla, heightened with hints of Pineapple and Mango, and heavily seduced by beautiful smooth Coconut Milk. This is a gorgeous Vanilla sniff, fit for warmer weather and days out on the sun!

Black Raspberry Vanilla - Now we're talking juicy, rich, and absolutely scrumptious! This has to be my favorite raspberry sniff ever! It's so wonderful and creamy good with no buttery notes. The depth of this gorgeous scent is something you just have to experience. It's rich and full-bodied like a fine wine, exploding with berry scent and something you would never expect with a scent with vanilla in the name!

Bonsai - Fresh and surprisingly juicy. This scent is a marriage of fresh air and juicy, fruity goodness, with just a hint of floral to make it more interesting. It has enough green to give it that crisp, airy touch to it, and enough ripe fruity goodness to make it mouth-watering and full-bodied. A must-try in our book!

Gift of the Magi - A calming aroma for the emotions. Believed by some to inspire a greater sense of inner passion, warmth, and human nurturing. An intoxicating blend of Ylang Ylang, Cyclamen, Lily of the Valley, Musk, Myrrh and gentle fruit notes which bring relaxation - a sense of euphoria and rejuvenation.

Jamaican Rum Punch - Close your eyes, take a whiff of this beautiful, exotic scent, and off you go to the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica! A blend of sweet, but not too sweet, and tart fruit scents with the topper of rum (but not too much, just enough to make it "adult" and even a bit sensual) makes this fragrance irresistible.

Kiss At Dawn - A rich and deep Amber fragrance. Its scent is complex, expensive & elegant. A graceful, timeless blend inspired by European Royalty! A unique blending, which creates a very sophisticated Amber scent that will reach deep into your soul & won't let go. Amber scent lovers, this is a must try Amber sniff!

Mardi Gras - Fun, flirty, naughty, and a nuance of floral in the background describes this scent perfectly. Bursting with Raspberry, Peach and other fruits as well as a touch of citrus mingled up with a light floral of lily, magnolia and a tiny hint of musk to warm it all up, and pull it together. Try it in any of our lotions, especially In The Buff,'s to die for!

Pikaki Lani- The delicate fragrance of this lovely little white blossom is light and sweet. Pikake Lani is Hawaiian for "Heavenly Pikake", a fragrance that is highly valued in the islands from one of the most treasured lei flowers. This one captures the true scent of the elusive Pikaki flower.

Tahitian Melon & Passion Fruit- A tropical summer favorite that will take you on a vacation to the islands. Not overly sweet with a crystal clear, clean fruit-juiciness. You can easily find both the Passion Fruit and Melon notes and they are perfectly and evenly blended in this lovely sniff.

Coming Soon Sniffs!

These coming soon sniffs will launch in about 2 weeks. They are all dupes of some very popular, and highly requested fragrances from many of our MMU fiends. You ask for them, and we will deliver, ...when we can!

. In Love - (Philosophy Falling in Love type)

. Homemade Vanilla I Scream - (Bluebonnet type)

. In Provence - (Clean Provence type)

. Butterfly - (Hanae Mori Butterflies type)

. Sweet Karma - (Lush Karma type)

. Stellina - (Stella type)


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May 6, 2004
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I'm sure Jasmine will love this info coz she's tried lots of them already (well i know that from her reviews!).. @D


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