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Mar 1, 2006
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Funny I never liked Aussies products and i hated the smell of the original shampoos

well i went down the shore for the day and stayed in a firends room and i went to get a shower and just borrowed her shampoo and conditioner... it was Aussie Cleanse & Mend..... I LOVED IT it made my hair so healthy i'e been using it for about a month now and i love it...

the smell is a little bit the same but it smells different slighty.... alot better though

I agree, I found aussie ultra moist or something moist, and it smells amazing (different from the old products even tho I kind of liked that smell) and apart from herbal essences I have never had such beautiful, SOFT, hair after showers. It's cheap so please give it a chance everyone. On the otherhand I tried the cleanse and mend conditioner and I don't like the smell of it and it also doesn't do anything for my hair. So I guess you have to find the right one for your hair.

thanks for posting!!! i am not a fan of their products

I don't care for their shampoos or conditioners but, I love the Aussie Sprunch Spray.

Everybodys hair reacts to products in different ways, it is good that you found something that works so well for you!- I am still looking ~

That's great news! I have always detested Aussie's smell, but liked how they worked. I may have to try it again!