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Feb 27, 2005
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"Cup-size couture: so obvious it's brilliant" (Lucky mag July 2005)

It's the eternal problem of the button-down: If you've got a chest bigger than a fit model's B cup, shirts gape open between the button holes; if you're smaller, they have too much spare room.

The new line Rebecca & Drew has solved this issue for good by creating a range of women's shirts based on bra sizes: They come in 20 styles, all available in sizes fromo 32A to 38D

Check em out here at

omg something in my bra size that doesnt look grandma ish!

That's really wonderful!! Too bad they're waaay more than I could afford to spend on a shirt.

Good idea! Although I find it strangely bizarre that even loose-fitting shirts gap between the buttons for me, I have to safety-pin every shirt I own to keep it closed! (And I have tiny boobs!)

However, I didn't even click on the link but I'm sure anything at Neiman Marcus is out of my price range! lol

wow- expensive! 175$ for a top? yikes!

$175?? You could buy several shirts plus several bras for that!

I guess it may be worth it if you absolutely can't find anything else that fits, or you just like to buy expensive clothes, but holy cow...

Originally Posted by Trisha We've had shirts/jackets/tops like that in a UK store called Bravissimo for a while now, they are really good (I have a shirt), but they arent silly prices. Yes they are more than a regular shirt but its worth it for bigger chested girls!! Tailored clothes make such a difference!

i love this one:


Click here for site x

omg omg omg how much what sizes will you buy me some????
Originally Posted by bejb1011 omg omg omg how much what sizes will you buy me some???? did you knwo if you click the little button it becomes a link?!