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Aug 24, 2007
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i really need to find a new range of skin care products - i have tried so many different ones and not found one that really works for me.

I have normal-oily skin in the t-zone area, sometimes with occasional breakouts and have areas of hypersensitivity on my cheeks.

can anyone recommend anything?

Well, I will just tell you some of my favs, I have normal, acne prone skin.

Honestly, try Cetaphil or Purpose cleanser (I prefer the former) and an oil free, non-comedogenic moisturizer -- any is good. If you want something to help with the oil, or breakouts, you should probably head to the derm, though Benzoyl Peroxide products will probably work for you.

i have oily acne prone skin. i like dermalogica and aveeno products. dermalogica is only available through a spa or an esthetician. aveeno is available at any drug store. aveeno clear complexion foaming cleanser did a great job of helping to normalize my skin.

i found cetaphil in a small skincare shop, so i guess it's possible you can find it in the uk. i didn't buy it in the end, though, i don't remember the price but it was a bit expensive.

my skin is now more normal and dehydrated, but when i had still a combo skin i loved the moisturizer Effaclar from La Roche Posay. that combined with green clay masks once or twice a week.

for the cheeks, i use another moisturizer from la roche posay called Hydraphase (it's for dehydrated normal to combo skins). the combo of both of them had the better results in all the products i've tried.

i use a spray of evian as a toner. and tea tree oil against pimples.

my mom uses moisturizers from Avène (she has sensitive skin and red cheeks). it works pretty well, though i don't particularly like the brand. the texture is too thick for me and contains a UV screen that leaves white marks on you even after the skin has absorbed it.

i don't know if you can find it in the UK, but alep soap is what made my skin a lot less oilier. i still do have some occasional breakouts, but no shiny nose anymore

I've been alternating the oil cleansing method with using a liquid facial cleanser and it seems to work for me. I have trouble being loyal to one brand because I have yet to find my HG and there are soooo many brands out there. But, I'll second Aveeno products. I love the Positively Ageless moisturizer with SPF 30.

If you're interested in trying to OCM here's a thread. Just experiment with different oils until you find some that you like. I use a 50/50 mixture of Castor oil with Sweet Almond oil and sometimes I throw in a few drops of grapeseed. hth


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