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Oct 5, 2007
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after looking through the before and after thread of MMU. i'm hooked. and i need to buy some! but there are SO many websites, so many different kinds, i don't know what to get. or where to start. i have light, dry skin, and redness on my nose and inner cheeks.

it's a bit overwhelming! advice would be appreciated. i'm willing to fork over some cash, but i need to know it'll be worth it

oh and btw, is there any way i can watch this thread? so i'll recieve a message when someone replies?

You will get a message automatically.

I suggest you do some browsing of our existing threads.. I am sure each person will give you a different recommendation here, so your best bet is tro try out samples (they´re quite cheap or even free!) until you find your favorite.

I too am new to this mineral makeup stuff.

I also am a bit overwhelmed.

I checked out the boards and the reviews, then i decided to order some samples.

So far I have ordered from:

Mad Minerals - e/s and foundation

Taylor made - e/s

Ebay -e/s

I bought a bunch of brushes and i'm watching all kinds of tutorials from this site and videos from youtube.

I wasnt too impressed witht the foundation - it was kinda cakey, but love the e/s.

I search the internet all the time.

Another hard thing for me is the blending - i'm not very good at it but everynight i practice.


I second the everyday minerals, and definitely meow and lumiere since you have light skin. If there is one suggestion I have, it's finishing powder or a veil is a must to make your makeup look nice, and a good kabuki is in your best interest to purchase as well. Good luck!

Pure Luxe Cosmetics is having a sale right now where you get 25% off if you buy at least $25.00 of products. Most of their samples are only a 1.00 or so and she's usually very generous with her samples. It would be a good way to try her products. Also if you order a bunch of her foundation samples and find you need to mix them to get your perfect color match, she will mix your foundation for you at no extra charge (personally I wear a 75% Fawn Beige and 25% Buff).

I would order at least one primer (powder eraser and translucent matte are good), several foundation samples, concealers, blush samples, several finishing powders, and then LOTS of eyeshadows. Make sure you have very good brushes though or MMU doesn't work well.

^Why oh why didn't I find this forum earlier... Hehe. I ordered from Pure Luxe and just got the erasers and veils since I've heard of the good reviews. Your advice about the foundation sounds good. And I kNow their CS is great... So I'll try to sample their foundations next time I order. :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> I'm from the Philippines so I try to maximize the orders I get so shipping is worth it... But gotta scrimp a bit coz customs duties are crazy

I'd like to suggest Everyday Minerals also. They have great products and a good selection of colors. Personally, I have oily/combo skin, but I'm pretty sure Original Glo will work for your skin type. It has a luminous glow finish. I believe that Lumiere Cosmetics also has a specific foundation for those with dry skin. You should also give J. Lynne Cosmetics a try. I love their foundations. You might want to stray away from Alima. I've heard complaints from people that it's too drying... even from people with oily skin.

I've also heard that people with dry skin don't like using powdered foundation because it's too drying. So they mix their mineral foundation with a moisturizer or aloe gel. You could try that too.

I hope this helps.