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New Year's Beauty Resolutions

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Feb 22, 2006
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5 Things We Know (& You Do Too, Deep Down) About Being Beautiful This Year

In honor of the new year, we'd like to remind you ...

Aging Gracefully Trumps Aging Fearfully Any Day in Our Book

No one loves, loves, loves fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite, but the most lovely women in the world are the ones who don't bother with them and who don't obsess over them. So this year, resolve to put away those fears and focus on the positive aspects of aging. Like how much wealthier and funnier one gets as they get older.

Beauty Really Does (& We Mean Really) Come From Within.

We love a woman who exudes happiness and contentedness. So this year resolve to flush out the bad things in your life: the negative friends, the annoying groups and clubs you loathe attending, some of the demands your husband and kids place on you. Take some time for yourself, get yourself content and watch as your skin changes. Yep, it's not all about moisturizer, dear.

It's All About How YOU Feel

There is no better way than to revive your inner sex goddess than to get a makeover (oh wait, maybe full on body treatments are even better? hmmmm, see the next section). If you or a friend are entering the new year feeling not so sexy, treat yourself (or them) to a haircut and color and afterwards get yourself to a makeup counter and request a makeover. Only buy what you love, love, love. Step over to another makeup counter, have the technician wipe it all off and start over. Again, only buy what you love, love, love. Keep doing this until you are either sick of makeovers or you have purchased as much makeup as one person should own in a lifetime.

Spa Treatments are a Luxury Worth the Splurge

Yes, you just dropped a few grand on Christmas presents. But you are also very exhausted from visiting with people and cooking up a storm over the past couple weeks, aren't you? So then woman, get thee to the spa. Tell your husband you deserve it for all the gifts you have to wrap and all the meals you've had to prepare. And if he balks, threaten to bring him along. He just may love it. We firmly believe no woman should ever feel guilty over a seaweed wrap and deep tissue massage.

Treat Someone You Love to a Facial, a Massage or a Foot Rub

We all know from Psych 101 that nothing makes you feel better than giving back to someone. So put this in your pocket of tricks for the year: Offer your partner a backrub out of the blue. Give your daughter a foot rub when she's watching TV. Over at your best friend's house and she's stressed? Offer her a nice massage.

Have a happy, happy New Year Gorgeous....

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