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Love it! I have a purse from them and I love it and I'm about to order some wide leg jeans! They are great quality, low prices and if you sign up for their emails, you get a 20% coupon and they email you all the time with promotions and they're always running awesome sales!

I love this store!!! This is my favorite store! Great quality stuff thats inexpensive. I always get coupons in the mail that are spend $150 and get $75 off your purchase. Here in NJ they are at all of our local malls but you should check out their site New York & Company

I love their purses!
I really like this store a lot. I have a bunch of stuff from there. They have tall pants and jeans there and they are really long. I love them, I just wish they were lower waisted. I went ahead and got them anyway to wear with shirts that are longer. They are very comfy jeans. I have the flare and the bootcut. I have not tried the skinny yet.

I have a few purses and belts and tons of shirts. I need to get some winter clothes for work, and they will be from there for sure.

I really like that stores like this are out there. The only thing is that they do cut a little bit more generously than other brands, and it doesn't work out so well for body types like mine. But judging from what women tend to say, I think they do offer a good selection of fashion and accessories. I have inexpensive fashion jewelry I bought from them six years ago, and they still look like brand new!

I have some of their stuff just because i find them at thrift stores. They are okay...nothing incredibly mind blowing.

I absolutely love them! I buy a lot of my dressier clothes from here especially business attire. I love all the different promotions they run and that they have sales all the time! There jeans and dress pants are great!! I could also spend a ton of money on there jewelry and accessories!

I love this store. I get a lot of my basic tees there and I love their bags and jewelry.

my fav store for work clothes! i love that they carry tall, which is pretty hard to find in average sizes (8-10-12). love the fact that i can mix and match jackets and slacks. love their button down shirts and camis! even the undies are a good bargain. what's not to love?

I used to love this store but just a few weeks ago I went there and they had their new winter stuff was definitely cheaper quality than I have ever seen there before! They must have changed manufacturers because I have so many sweaters from them that feel great but all these new sweaters they are selling feel super cheap, thin and rough.


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