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Apr 6, 2024
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Hello newbie who need help there.!!!! I struggle with acne since my teenager years till now I’m 24 and my face is a mess I still have some pimpls, acne scars.
I start to have wrinkles under my eyes, well it really noticeable don’t know it retinol will be ok to remove it, I heard maybe scaring things on it!!

I also have open pores, don’t know what to do to close it. I heard of TCA and can buy some bottles to do it at home.

I have small, really tiny white heads on my chin and under my mouth. It really difficult to remove it. I heard of salycilic acid for it but don’t know why one would be efficient. I’m thinking of the ordinary one or the Neutrogena cleanser with salycilic acid.

Plus my face starts to loose elasticity.

What do you think I need advises to save my face.
I have an experience with wrinkles under my eyes I use retinol, starting with a low concentration and use it every night. Look for products specifically formulated for the under eye area like the ordinary retinol 0.2%. But you have be patience to use retinol, it takes a long time journey because my friend use retinol until 5 years! and it works.

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