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Jul 13, 2012
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Hi everyone,

stumbled across this site as you do and thought it looked fab.

i actually live in the U.K. so not sure if I am allowed on it?

Apologies if not but it looked great, can someone let me know if I am allowed to join in?



I am newly trained/wannabe makeup artist - bridal/occasional/party make up and due to start training in hair up next week.

Cheers everyone.

 Hello and welcome to MUT! 
So glad you found us!! There is so much information here and a great way to teach, learn and grow! If there is anything you have a question on, please feel free to contact me or any of the mods to help you out. :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Hope you enjoy the boards!

Welcome to MakeupTalk, your one-stop shop for conversations on the life that is beauty and the beauty that is life! Don't be shy; we're excited to get to know you (And you've made a great start by posting in the introductions thread!) Of COURSE you're allowed here; lots of other British posters, and plenty of us from America and elsewhere who sometimes get jealous of some of the products to which y'all have access (or maybe that's just me?) Seriously, we welcome folks from EVERYwhere...diversity is the mother of beauty, right?

Please be aware of the rules we play by here at MakeupTalk. We like to have our new members tread lightly on trying to promote their blogs or YouTube channels. While we love bloggers and/or Youtubers (and lots of the people here get so excited by the discussions that they start a blog or channel), MakeupTalk asks you nicely to try not to over promote your blog or channel more than 1 time in 1 thread/post.  The good news is that we do allow you to link to your blog or channel in your signature, which you are able to start using after 10 posts and 7 days of membership.

Don't be dismayed if your posts don't start showing up immediately--new member comments are often moderated at first, so please don't think that your post won't show up and keep re-posting it, as this just slows down the moderation queue. The moderators are here to ensure everyone has a quality experience, so feel free to PM one if you have any questions/suggestions/concerns.

Some of the most popular parts of MakeupTalk are:

  • Don't forget to check out our Groups too, especially if you are a fan of monthly beauty subscription services; we have several groups specifically devoted to all the major players!

Again, we're excited to have you here; pull up a chair and let's start talking!

You are in like Flynn my dear! 

Hi There...Welcome to the MUT Forum 

This is a fun forum with a nice bunch of ladies. Enjoy and jump on in and participate.



[SIZE=medium]Hi there! We’re glad you found us! Poke around and explore the different forums and groups. There’s a ton of information here. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask either me or another moderator as we would be happy to help you in any way. Indulge yourself and enjoy![/SIZE]