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Jun 13, 2004
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*Some Newer items from Smashbox*

Lip Gels $18.00

Get the same luscious-looking lips as your favorite celebrities with Smashing Gels High Shine Lip Lacquer. Super rich and ultra luxurious, this gel covers your lips in a high-gloss shine. Made with mango, shea butter, and vitamin C.$proddetailmain$


(sheer medium pink)


(sheer nude pink w/ shimmer)


(sheer apricot)

(sheer red)


(sheer hot pink)


(sheer deep purple)

Gels $18.00 by Smashbox Cosmetics are not your average lip gloss. This squeeze tube has a little lip brush affixed right to the base and the gloss is liberally scented with the sweet, unmistakable fragrance of honey or old-fashioned mead! mmmm! The colors (inspired by the gels and filter used by professional photographers) are clear and saturated. They're super-shiny but silky soft. Even better, they're enriched with shea butter and collagen-stimulating antioxidants (that means good for your lips) "Lit" is a clear red that will light up anyone's smile. or choose purples, pinks, nudes or apricot. For additional definition, use a soft, stay-where-you-put-it Lip Liner $16.00. "Smashing Flash" is a metallic brick-bronze to make a stunning contrast to any nude gloss or compliment to brown and copper lipsticks when the sun shines.$proddetailmain$

*I can't believe the price on this kit. It's 32.00 for the Stila Mystic orient compact I bought with 3 eyeshadows and 1 blush. So, this to me is a great deal. I have the primer and I love it. So, I just had to share this.

Only available at

Introductory Price $34.54

Simply smashing! You'll love the look and feel of these sumptuous signature products from smashbox. This complete discovery kit has everything you need to get the look you've been longing for. Best of all, they come in travel-size minis, ideal for the girl on the go.

Blonde, Brunette, Auburn, or Taupe Brow Tech.

  • 0.02 oz highlighter, shimmering lilac pink
  • 0.02 oz brow tech
  • 0.01 oz cream eyeliner, metallic taupe
  • 0.01 oz eyeshadow trio, soft copper, peach shimmer, and matte plum
  • 0.07 oz pixel lip gloss, sheer nude
  • 0.08 oz black focal point mini mascara
  • 0.05 oz photo finish primer
Originally Posted by Trisha I like the look of the apricot/coral coloured one!! I like them ALL!

I'm not a huge fan of Smashbox's cosmetics, but their brushes are really high quality and soft.


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