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Jun 30, 2005
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no matter what i try, i can't get those nice pretty waves! i can't curl my hair for crap with a curling iron, i just bought garniers surf hair and it wasn't too geat. My hair ends up looking nappy and kinky!...i tried to twist it/braid it and that doesn't work either.


thats what i want!!!!!!!!!

ack. you're not the only one
i can't do my hair for sh*t.

if only i could hire a hair stylist everyday *sigh*

ohhhhhhhhh the memories... when my hair was straightened and longer, i had sooooooooo much fun creating different styles.. that's the only thing i miss about cutting it off... with a little practice, curling iron skills can be gained... and beautiful waves can occur!!!..
You can try some of the CurlySexyHair products, the next time you use your iron... or try some rollers and a good setting spray. I don't know your nationality, but if you are asian, asian hair is the hardest usually to curl... it's so straight!! I wish I had it!!!

In the pictures it looks like she has her hair cut in layers. Getting it cut like that might help you get some waves.


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