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Feb 12, 2005
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Nicole Richie marked another milestone Sunday on her path to motherhood: Her baby shower.

About 90 people attended the Beverly Hills shower, organized by celebrity party planner Mindy Weiss, hosted by Richie's mother Brenda, and thrown by her sister Sophia and friends Paris Hilton and Masha Gordon.

And while Richie has not revealed whether she's having a boy or a girl, some of the gifts offered a clue.

From NoMi boutique in L.A., guests picked up a pair of $50 baby sneakers for a boy, and a $50 Tummy T Jack maternity shirt with a picture of a boy on the front.

Invitations were being hand-delivered Thursday to the event, whose theme was The Wizard of Oz, Richie's favorite.

Richie and boyfriend Joel Madden announced the pregnancy in July. She is due in January.

"They're so excited," says a friend. "They can't wait to meet their little baby."

Madden recently told PEOPLE that the impending arrival is "the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me, and to us."

awww good for them. looks like she has finally gotten her s**t together. I also read somwhere that they didnt want gifts for the baby. Instead they want donations of baby gifts to go to their charity. They will take the strollers, cribs etc. that they get and donate them to a free clinic. I think thats great!!!

awww, cute! she really does seem to have gotten her self together and I hope they stay together!

I always thought that once she settled down she'd make a kick-ass momma. Looks like she's grown into a nice and respectable lady. I think she's about seven months along now, if I'm not mistaken. Her baby bump is cute.

Sounds like a great theme for a shower. Bet it was a pretty cool party.


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