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Aug 18, 2005
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Please can anybody give me some advice. For about a month and a half now I have had the most awfully painful and sore nipples. The rest of my breast isnt painful just the nipple area. Even standing in the shower with fast water on them is uncomfortable. My boyfriend im sure is getting tired of me screaming whenever he comes near me. Im not pregnant for sure. What can this be. Any advice to cure it please as this is really getting me down now.

You're old enough to have breast imaging done. I'd go see your doctor first

Definitely call your doctor! That doesn't seem normal at all, at least not for that long of time. If it was just during your period or before, then I could understand. The only thing I can possibly think of (as it's my case), is a lot of caffeine. Either way, call your doctor! They might do a breast exam or ultrasound to find the cause of the problem.


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