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Jul 12, 2007
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now gals, theres tons of threads on here for acne/combination skintypes. so i thought, how about an official thread for normal skintype?? i have normal skin. no t-zone, no acne, dry patches, blackheads or other problems. and im young, 20 yrs. but im a skincare-freak. and it seems like theres not many girls with really good skin thats so into skincare. but, i want to keep it this good, forever haha..

soo there must be some other girls on here with normal skin other than me.

so, discuss good skincare products ect. for 'normal' skin !

(its kinda funny its called normal skin, when its the most unnormal to have so clear skin??)

- Monica

Hmmm, well just because you have "normal" skin, it does not mean that you do not break out, etc. Normal is pretty much not dry and not oily, and honestly, esp for women, acne may have zero to do with oil on your face.

I am acne prone, and have normal skin. I will admit that I have never had moderate or severe acne, but I still get it, and its not like 1 or 2 zits either. You are one of the lucky ones, but I think a majority of women who do have normal skin will tell you that they aren't in the clear because they have 'normal' skin.

oh ok, my bad. but this wasnt a beatdown at girls with acne-prone or dry skin. i was just wondering what other girls with clear skin uses to keep it that way.. off course everyone can have breakouts, if they eat something not good for your skin or put something on it that doesnt combine well with your skin. so normal skin can still get breakouts.. most people just have combination skin, so thats more normal i would say..

so this is a thread for clear skin then? yeah.. lets call it that. clear skin thread.

what i just meant is that you cant have clear skin if you have oily/dry skin. so, normal is probably the most appropiate thing to call it. i dont have perfect skin though. i would like it to have more radiance and i have horrible dark circles under my eyes.


tips and tricks and good skincare.. come on, there most be a lot of you girls to tell your experiences.

- Monica

I have pretty normal skin, but I think it's important to understand what different seasons can do to your skin. For example, I use Olay Daily Facials...but in the summer time when it's more humid I always steer myself toward the oily/combo skin versions of that and other products. And then I go for more moisture in the winter with stuff like Dove Essential Nutrients moisturizer. I think that's what keeps my skin pretty "normal" most of the time


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