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Apr 5, 2021
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Hey, all 👋 new member here so sorry if this is in the wrong thread.
I've been looking for somewhere/someone to chat to about rhinoplasty.
I've wanted it since I was about 13 and first caught sight of my huge honker in photographs from odd angles i didn't normally see yourself in. I became to hate my face so much I avoided photos all together, and disliked even catching sight of myself in a mirror.
In my 20s I managed to create some level of attractiveness despite the nose, with dyed hair and make up plastered on, and I've always had an athletic body I attracted a reasonable amount of attention, some people even described me as pretty!!
However, I'm now 32,and a strange thing has happened, the years of drinking and partying and too much sun have caught up with me and I have lots of wrinkles, and, I'm now invisible on the attractive scale.. No one looks at me anymore. I even bumped into someone who used to well fancy me and they put a post on fb after saying how they hadn't got the girl but it didn't matter because she didn't age Well anyway.
I was, to say the least, a bit broken by this. Not because of his particular comment, but just because that's what most people must think of me.
So I've decided this is the year I want my nose job. (and botox, but that's another thread).
My partner is completey unsupportive, shuts me down if I mention it, says he can't talk about it because he seen one on TV once and it makes him feel funny, and he thinks I need professional help for even considering it.
Non of my friends or family would be particularly supportive either.
So, hi Internet strangers 👋😂.
I'm just wondering about others experiences with rhinoplasty before I pay for a consultation.
I'm a little scared (actually terrified) about going it alone. And I have lots of questions.
Will it be worth it.
What can go wrong.
How long does it take to heal.
Is it a major ordeal.
Will my nose be swollen for ages after before it settles.
Is it possible to get it done alone.
Can you get it cheaper in Europe.
Etc, etc.
If anyone can tell me thier experiences, results, healing time, pain, if they were fully happy with the result for the money,woukd they have been able to go through it all alone..etc..That would be amazing.
Sorry for rambling, I hope this is even the right forum for this. Thanks.

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