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May 6, 2004
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Hey guys,

I dont know if anyone has noticed but i havent been around much in the past week. My internet access in work has been cut so i cant access MuT from there anymore. I'm lost without it & miss you all
but i'll pop in whenever i get time at home.

If anyone wants to contact me for a chat, i'm always available at [email protected] and that's my email for MSN Messenger too.

awww.... i saw that you weren't around that often just thought you were busy or something. it sucks that your work cut the internet. i remember when i couldn't access the internet for such a long time. it sucked. so i know how you feel. lol

Laura, I certainly don't want you to lose your job, so jump on when you can.


yeah, i noticed you weren't around much anymore, laura, and was wondering what happened. we miss you!

Hey Laura! Miss you a lot!
Even if we don't get to see you around a lot, at least we know you'll still be popping in.

Miss you Chickie!! :icon_love Maybe after ahile you'll get it back !! lol
Until then, pop in when you can - and we can still chat on MSN!

Laura, I've been missing you as well. I know it sucks to not be around as much as you'd like. Will looking forward to your "home" posts.

Aw thanks for all the lovely posts girls! I am really going insane.. And now that i can only access MuT from home i HAVE to make my parents get broadband. Dial up is such a pain in the a$$. Anyway, if anyone ever replies to one of my posts with a question and you dont hear back from me for a few days, don't think i'm ignoring you! Just PM me!


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