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May 1, 2006
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My daughter is really upset because she's seen her friends hit their dog (who is actually still a puppy), often and forcefully, along with their brother and mom. I don't have evidence of this except I did see the 11 year old girl smack the dog across the face hard after she playfully mouthed her, like puppies do. My first instinct is to report this to animal control. But... these are our neighbors. I don't want to cause problems. But, I can't stand the thought of any animal possibly being abused.

aww poor thing. you could probably be an annonymous caller if your really think they are abusing the puppy.

I would definitely report it. I'm pretty sure you can remain anonymous or you can tell them you want to remain anonymous. This is just awful, I can't stand people who are abusive to animals.

i agree u should definately report it and do it anonimusly i can't stand when people do abuse the animals its just brakes my heart and wants me to punish those people the same way. if u don't love animals don't get one but don't abuse it just because u have so much anger in you.

Report it! PLEASE!! That is a puppy, ugh just thinking about it makes me

I agree with everyone. It is so upsetting! Your daughter is disturbed by it... anyone who abuses their pet is no friendly neighbor of mine.

Originally Posted by charish /img/forum/go_quote.gif aww poor thing. you could probably be an annonymous caller if your really think they are abusing the puppy.

Originally Posted by Saje /img/forum/go_quote.gif ... anyone who abuses their pet is no friendly neighbor of mine. Well said !!!!
OMG Please report it. Any kind of forceful hitting, especially to the face is ABUSE. It is unacceptable and shame on the parent for teaching her child this behavoir. Please do it soon...the longer you wait the less of a chance the pup will be adopted if it is taken.

Report it, most definately. Even if they are your neighbors. You don't want your daughter being around people like that anyway, and no one should get away with abusing animals. There is no excuse for it.

I know you're in an awkward spot, but please report it. The dog deserves better and its not good that the children are picking up on the behavior.

I would report it. Usually when you call the city's animal control, you do have to give out your name, address and phone number and it all remains confidential (ask them first before giving it out though just to be on the safe side).

That poor puppy. I don't understand why people take on pets if they are going to treat them like that! And I can't believe the Mom would condone such a terrible behaviour!

Yeah, you have to report it..even if it causes problems, it's not fair to the dog.

You need to report it. The longer you wait the more of a chance the puppy wont be around. They could kill it. If they are hitting in after a lil puppy bite then no tellin what they do to it if it poops or pees in the house. Report it before its to late. Be the hero here.

Yes report it, i would have to go to the House and voice my opinion, i would not care what anyone thought of me, when it comes to animals i feel sick if i see someone abusing them, YES REPORT TODAY

I agree with everyone, definitely report it. It's a horrible situation for you to be in, but someone needs to look out for the animals!

definately report it - I wouldn't feel bad about doing it because these people are abusing a defenceless animal, which I think is disgraceful. I wouldn't care about sparing the feelings of people who treat creatures like that


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