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Jan 3, 2006
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So, as many of you know, I've had a very stressful week. I spent most of it in a panic and crying my eyes out. I got very little sleep.

Yesterday morning I was up at 5:30am. Last night I had to pull myself together and go out with our friends to celebrate my roommate Mike's birthday. All I wanted to do was put on my PJ's hop into bed and watch some South Park and go to sleep. But I couldn't, Mike is like a brother to me so I had to help him celebrate.

So I took a bath, then procrastinated for about an hour by talking to Aquilah on MSN
Then I finally decided to get ready but by that time people were here and I was sooo irritable! My room was a mess and I couldn't get ready with all that ickyness, so I made Wes help me tidy

Then I finally did my makeup, but I just did eye makeup and a bit of concealer. I probably needed more to give me some damn color, all the stress has me looking sickly! Oh well, what can you do? I did my best! Thankfully I had my friend Sarah (Saraella on MUT) to help me straighten my hair!
The house was full by the time that was done and everyone was waiting on me, we were supposed to leave for the bar at 9:30.

At 9:24 I was all ready . . . except I hadn't had a beer yet. My husband looked at me and said "Alright hun, you've for 6 minutes to drink six beer!" LOL! Wtf am I, a machine? I'm Canadian but comon! I did manage to get 2 down in that time though, and I took 2 more with me and drank them on the walk over to the bar. Unfortunately it was raining so my nice straight hair got kinda fuzzy even though I wore a hood

We got there and drinks were on sale for 1.90$ until midnight, so we got good and sloshed
I had the greatest meal: Clancy's loaded potato skins! We took tons of pics and had such a great time, I'm so glad I went!!

Click here to check out the pics on FaceBook - they're priceless

Last night was just what I needed. I feel so much better today

Edit: You need a facebook account to see the pics! If anyone wants to add me just search for Keely MacDonald

Okay, I didn't want to resize all those pics, but I figured out that if I save them from my facebook album I end up with smaller versions of the pics . . . soo, here are a few from last night! I only grabbed the ones with me in em cause you don't really know everyone else

Me and my friend Courtney:



Me, Sarah and Courtney (Sarah just joined MUT last week, her username is Saraella)


Mike, Me, Courtney, Summer and Sarah! BOOBIES


Outside the pub: front: Sarah, Me. back: Wes, Hugh


Me and Sarah:


And after we got home . . . me and Mike sitting on the floor. Something funny happened, I have no clue what now haha, and I fell on my but! LOL! I broke a glass and everything >.<


Good times! I'd also like to take a minute to say that my PCD D2B entry would not have been possible without Sarah!!

I'm glad you finally got your rear in gear and went out! I knew you'd have fun! The pics are great! Looks like you had fun!

Yea, thanks a bunch for encouraging me to go out, it was definitely the most fun I've had in a LONG time!

You're more than welcome for the encouragement... It should be noted, I didn't encourage you to get sloshed though LMAO! However, I'll take the blame anyway

I am so glad it went great Kee! I cant see pics though,but i am a noob,so i guess its normal

Yah! Glad you had a good time! Sometimes you just need to let off some steam.

The las pic made me laugh!! What was in your glass? Vodka?

I´m glad you had fun, you needed and deserved it!

Originally Posted by Andi /img/forum/go_quote.gif The las pic made me laugh!! What was in your glass? Vodka?I´m glad you had fun, you needed and deserved it!

No, water!! I was trying to hydrate myself before bed
Originally Posted by Kee /img/forum/go_quote.gif No, water!! I was trying to hydrate myself before bed
lol, I do the same. I always try my best to sober up before bedtime so I usually stop drinking by 2am at the latest and drink tons of water