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Apr 24, 2005
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Is there a pearly or shimmery nude lipglass? If anybody knows, please tell me! I want to get 2 lipglasses tomorrow, and one of them will be Prrr. I'd like a nude but not a flat nude. I don't own any true nudes yet -- I have VGV, Nymphette, and Enchantress. VGV is a pink nude --- I just want nude nude. If that makes any sense.

C-Thru has shimmer - it's more of a golden nude, and it's pretty pale. It's one of my faves. I also love Spirited, which is a shimmery pinky champagne. It looks like a pinky nude on my lips. Hope this helps!

I really like Sinnamon. Its a lustreglass so it isn't as sticky as lipglasses but its a nice color.

I agree on C-Thru too. although it´s a little too flat for someone like me who has no color in her face already ;-)

I'm with all the girls on this one too! C-Thru rocks if you're looking for a pale milky nude shade

c-thru is a good nude lip glass. hmm.. i dont know of any other ones that would give that nude/beige look. there might be some light pink ones.

i heard that stila's vanilla lip glaze is similar if you want to check that out.

I also vote for C-Thru.


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