NYX Cosmetics: Glam Lip Gloss Aqua Luxe

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Feb 26, 2011
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02 Do The Hustle
03 Beat Goes On
04 Glitter Dreams
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09 Underground Boogie
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11 Velvet Ropes​
Too sheer for my taste...what are your thoughts on these Zadi?

I posted this on my blog about the glosses.

I do have a few complaints about these glosses.

  • Too sheer. While I love how sparky and glittery these are at the same time the color is very sheer. To intensify the color I suggest lining the entire lip with a liner that's similar to the lip gloss otherwise once the gloss wears off your lips will only have glitter left and no color at all.
  • Too much glitter. Once the color wears off all you're left with is glitter so these glosses while fun are not entirely work appropriate.
  • Wears off quickly. These are definitely not long lasting lip glosses but most lip glosses are not long lasting in the first place which is why I like lipsticks more. The Aqua Luxe Lipsticks already have have a shimmer to it but when the lip glosses and lipsticks are paired together it's really beautiful.

Out of all the color I love the darker pinks because these were more intense in color. I really love 11 Velvet Ropes in the tube because it's this funky purple with blue and pink glitter - yes blue glitter. If you look at it closely there is very fine blue glitter in it that unfortunately pictures just don't capture, it's just a shame it's too sheer. I love Velvet Ropes paired with Essential from the Aqua Luxe lipsticks, it's almost perfect for me.


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