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Aug 9, 2006
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Ok, so the search function doesn't want to recognize "NYX", so I hope this hasn't been posted before! Here are some previews of upcoming NYX products:


Pen Eye Liner
A liquid eyeliner with a specially designed felt brush that releases just the right amount of color for preciseand dark lining. Long-lasting, won't flake or smudge. Available in 3 shades.

NYX Brushes
A new line of improved professional makeup brushes by NYX. 24 brushes which range from contouring to shaping, from darkening to highlighting. A professional's essential tool. Don't go without yours!

Double-Sided Eye Pencil
Sick of carrying around tons of makeup for one look? The Double-Sided Eye Liner and Shadow has two shades of liners in one pencil! Use one for lining, use the other for shadow, or use as your inner Goddess tells you to! Comes in 20 different color combinatioins.

Glitter Wand
The Glitter Wand provides superb sparkle effects for anywhere you want to shine! Available in 6 different shades to dazzle everyone with!

Eyelash Curler
Beautiful lashes means curled lashes. NYX Eyelash Curler lifts lashes uniformly with one stroke without pulling out those beautiful strands of hair.

Blotting Paper
Every girl's best friend. Each pack comes with 50 sheets of pure pulpe paper to absorb the excess oil off your face and leave it clean and matte.

Loose Face Powder
Brush on loose powder to set makeup or freshen up a dull and oily face. NYX's loose powder is made with silky, finely milled powder that is soft and velvety. This powder is so microscopic that it doesn't leave a heavy coat on your face, it rests between the tiny pores of your face for a flawless look!

Sponges & Puffs
You need the besst tools to build the perfect house and you need the best tools for the perfect makeup application. From fluffy to squishy, we have 30 different porous sponges and puffs to absorb just the right amount of makeup for smooth and easy application.
i like the brand my sister in law bought me some of their eye shadows its afforedable and it isnt bad for the price.