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Nov 18, 2012
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Just wondering who else is excited for these palettes! I wish there were more swatches online and was wondering if anyone has purchased or received any of the new palettes. I especially like the look of the Love in Paris ones! I feel like green eyeshadows are lacking in my current collection.

Any news, reviews, or comments would be appreciated! I've never purchased anything from NYX before so whatever you can tell me will be helpful!

Some pretty pictures:

I saw them at my local ulta and they had some testers out. Some were kind of chalky, but some of them were not bad! I'm more interested in their new wonder pencils :D /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I'm a big fan of NYX. They have high quality cruelty-free makeup at a drugstore price. I've only tried their eyeshadows once, in a trio, and didn't really care for them. I thought they looked a little muddy and weren't as pretty on my lid as in the pan. I might pick up one of these palettes and give their shadows another go. They have a ton of new spring stuff out.

Originally Posted by xlisaa /img/forum/go_quote.gif

I saw them at my local ulta and they had some testers out. Some were kind of chalky, but some of them were not bad! I'm more interested in their new wonder pencils :D /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />
I actually just reviewed some on my blog and what I said was that some of the colors had too much fall out and felt chunky to me because of the glitter in it. The gold and peach in the Bellini Kiss palette from the Love in Florence collection were two of the colors I found to be not that great. Over a similar color base it would probably work but over a nude base it's patchy. The silver color in Je Ne Sais Quoi was the same way but maybe over Milk or Cottage Cheese or Pots and Pans it'll be fine but over a nude base it's patchy as well.

LIF03 XOXO, Mona - Love in Florence collection​

LIF09 Bellini Kiss- Love in Florence collection​
The gold and peach were just patchy for me.​
LIP04 Love Affair With Louis - Love in Paris collection​

LIP10 Je Ne Sais Quoi - Love in Paris collection​
The silver in this one was patch for me.​

LIR18 Caipriinhas On The Beach - Love in Rio collection​
LIR10 Escape With Rico - Love in Rio collection​

The Love in Rio collection contain trio shadow palettes, Love in Florence collection contain five shadows per palette while Love in Paris have nine shadows per palette. NYX sent me two from each of the new Love In... collections.

NYX also provided me with The Smokey and The Naturals palettes along with two of their new liners and three of their Butter Lip glosses which I haven't blogged about yet because I still need to edit the images.

Thanks guys! I'm still just building up my stash, so price is important, but at the same time I don't want to buy something that won't work.

Zadi - Thanks for the swatches! Your blog is awesome!

Now if only I could find some swatches of those greens!

Any other thoughts/suggestions?

NYX was introduced to South Africa last year, I bought the One Night in Morocco palette and a few other odds, I am still enjoying the products.

I did find that is is essential to use their eye shadow base or the eye shadow wears off too quickly, when the base is used though my eyes look the same at the end of the day. The colours stay true, in the sense that what you see tends to be the colour you get when applied, this is very important to me.

We may be a tad behind on the products available this side, but they are a brand that I keep an eye on as they have great colours.

Here is Gelato for Two from the Love in Florence collection.  I like it so far, although I haven't tried the darkest color yet.  There was some fallout with the bottom color, which contains micro glitter.  The mattes were nice and smooth!

I experienced the same thing with other NYX palettes that have glitter in it. The glitter just causes way too many problems.

Here is Bellini Kiss from the Love in Florence collection.  The shadows vary in quality, with the first being crap, 2,3 and 5 good, and 4 so so (going clockwise).


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