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Apr 23, 2007
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Hi! My username is tuna_fish

This is what I am looking for:

any and all NYX shadows, trios, glitters (all except pigments. I have them all

I'm willing to buy (paypal) or swap (I have a lot of NYX pigments, lots of BE eyeshadow samples, and a swap list).


I have some NYX singles that i need to get rid of...there like used 1 or 2 times...i'm at school...but the colors are ....brown, platinum pink, navy...i might have more...lmk if you are interested...thanks

navy would be good...not so much into brown. another MUT lady might have platinum pink, and I'd be interested in knowing what else you have

uhm, I am just asking for shipping i guess...i only paid 1.45 for it, that would be ghey to ask for more, lol I swipped it once....just pm me you address so I can quote you the price.

You should really check out CherryCulture.com They carry a ton of NYX at dirt cheap prices with free shipping over $40.

I believe they accept Paypal.


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