Oct.1-- BeautyScopes!

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May 10, 2007
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Monday, October 1

Clarify your every statement now. Instead of just telling your stylist to 'take a little off the ends,' give her a specific number of inches. Demonstrate where she should cut if you need to. Just be specific!

Enjoy an out-of-character day. If you're known for your preppy-chic look, pick up a top at the local vintage store. On the other hand, if funky outfits are your thing, discover the beauty in a simple button-down shirt.

The more people you meet today, the better. Don't hesitate to chat with the woman in the next pedicure chair, or to strike up conversation in a long dressing-room line. New friends and connections are all around you!

Itching to see what it's like on the wild side? Go for it. Blue mascara, four-inch wedges and avant-garde fashions are far better suited to your current mood than barely-there makeup and safe style choices.

Don't overlook the benefits of teamwork when it comes to your style routine. Get added workout inspiration in a gym class, for example, or go shopping in a group so you can harness as many styles and opinions as possible.

Go ahead and tend to the details ... just don't let yourself obsess over them. So if you have a chip in your fingernail, file it. But if you find yourself busting out the file and buffer every five minutes, calm down.

You'll want to avoid conflict as much as possible now. So if you have a contentious relationship with the receptionist at your salon, for example, or tend to get competitive for mat space in yoga class, watch yourself!

Lighten up your look a little: Buy a bright yellow pair of shoes. Consider highlights. Swap your thick black eyeliner for shimmering white or silver. Bright choices will perk up your look ... and your mood.

The thing about everyday products is that you need them, well, every day. So make a run to the drugstore or beauty-supply store to ensure you have all your favorite lotions, hair products, cleansers and makeup.

Grab a pen and start making a lengthy to-do list. From your upcoming beauty appointments to the products and beauty tools you're out of, you can remember it all now ... and can start getting it done too.

Prepare to make some amazing and unexpected discoveries. If you see an 'all items ten dollars' bin at your favorite boutique, for example, it's probably worth taking the time to root through the whole thing!

Now's not the time to commit ... to anything at all. From a new permanent hair color to a facial appointment to a dress that you can't return, better stay away from anything you can't easily get out of.


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