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May 10, 2007
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Thursday, October 4

You need to let it all out. But rather than having an all-out tantrum, don an edgier-than-usual outfit. Instead of telling off your boss, just imagine him in front of you during a particularly passionate kickboxing class.

Enjoy a mellow day, fashion-wise. Why spend the time on a sleek blowout when a ponytail looks just as good? And why suffer in stilettos when you could slip on your comfy and chic leopard flats? Take it easy.

Start working on your family's 'style scrapbook.' Does your mom swear by her homemade hair treatment? Get the recipe. Is your aunt known for her collection of vintage dress patterns? Make copies.

Feeling like you'd rather stay in tonight? Don't fight it! There are plenty of things for you to take care of on the home front (think facial masks, deep-conditioning hair treatments and a few loads of hand-washing).

Be honest with yourself! Sure, you can try to convince other people that a certain super-pricey top is totally worth it, or that you worked out double yesterday ... but you'll still know the truth.

Get out and about, where you can benefit from the energy of others. When you splurge on a manicure or a gym class now, you'll do far more than perk up your look -- you could make friends and gather new beauty tips too!

When the world feels overwhelming, your best bet is to stick to simple fashions. Enjoy the easy elegance of a great pair of jeans, the chic comfort of a simple turtleneck sweater. Don't complicate things unnecessarily.

Don't ignore the beauty benefits of plain ol' water! First off, of course, be sure to drink lots of it. You could also get fit by swimming in it. And if your hair isn't behaving, spritz it on your tresses and start over.

A limber body is a healthy body! So don't spend all your workout time pumping iron and sweating on the treadmill -- it's equally important to stretch, take a yoga class or get flexibility pointers from a personal trainer.

Why waste your time trying to change someone else's opinion of her style? If a pal loves a store that you hate or chooses a hair color that you never would, just accept that differences make the world go round.

Working up a good sweat these days will not only boost your health, but also lend you some much-needed focus. So be sure to make time today for a long jog, swim or visit to your favorite aerobics class.

Have some fun! As long as you have to go to the gym, might as well try a kickboxing class. And since you have to do your hair and makeup anyway, why not try a little sparkling eye shadow or clip-in hair extensions?