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Feb 12, 2005
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Can you believe October is here? Tell us what you've got planned for the month.

Mine started out with a hectic schedule which I look forward to. Went wine tasting this past weekend (not technically October) and this weekend I am visiting my mom. Since I have Monday off (thank you Christopher Columbus) I decided to also take Friday off and make it a 4 day weekend. I am going to get a chance to see some of my old coworkers. The weekend after that my friend is spending the weekend and guess what we are doing... wine tasting! Am I a lush or what?

Remember that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please click on the link in my siggy to give a free mammogram. Click every day...

I love October! It's one of my favorite months. Everything is starting to cool down (living in a tourist town, I'm glad to see the tourists go too!), and the colours are changing. I'm looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with my grandparents and cousins who I have not seen in awhile. That's all I can really think of that has been planned so far.

Oh and I'm dying my hair for the fall/winter this Friday. I like to be light blonde in the spring/summer, and a dark honey blonde for this upcoming season.

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays...

Have a dinner party to attend to this upcoming saturday.

My sis' bday is next week and might go out of town, but not sure.

3rd week in is my best friend's 21st bday. Going in my first party bus and first club ever! Nervous about that one...

4th week, halloween parties for my students and possible ones with friends.

Everything else is visits to Frisco to see family on weekends.

Lots of studying and pining over Halloween nostalgia. Hopefully a day or weekend trip to somewhere awesome thrown in there somewhere. Ooh, and an Amon Amarth show next week!

This month, today actually, Im heading for Ottawa for thanksgiving , for about a week. Taking pictures of the leaves changing and getting ready for halloween. Thats about it!

it's my birth month! i'll be 49 this year and i got big things planned!

i took a week vacation to begin on the 15th.

i'm getting a new tat.

hit the spa for a massage, sauna and pedicure.

i'm ordering my wishlist lash kit for my business!

my son is done with college so i'm planning an event to celebrate his graduation and allow him to perform his poetry.

i'm working on a expo so that all of my friends that have small business can get exposed to new markets.

i love october!

Happy birthday monniej.

October is such a great month. The air is crisp, you get to wear those great longer skirts and find those boots you bought on sale last May! The first snow is fun, its just all the others that get to be a pain.

I just started a new job so october will be all busy and exciting for me with new co-workers, new tasks, etc. A friend is throwing a huge birthday party for herself and her husband, and my grandma will be inviting everyone to a birthday dinner. Apart from that, I'm already looking forward to November and December for the punch season to start

Not much, hubby's bday today. I bought him a Zippo lighter and he love it

By mid october, I'm going to Muroto, and relax at Shu uemura Spa house.

That's all for October I think.

It's my sons birthday this weekend so all thought OF course have been on that. After that we'll get geared up for halloween around here. I love fall..

October is the month ive been looking forward to since january this year

On the 18th im off on my holidays
I have a week in Mexico then onto Miami for a week im so excited been waiting 10 months for this holiday want 2 years to get back to the US!

Also I was meant to be moving on friday but theres a problem with the boiler in the property and I probably wont get the keys untill next week now so will no doubt be moving next weekend.

And thats about my plans for October

Pretty much same as last october. lol Im in my final semester of college and working in an internship. Im also looking for a job at the moment.

i'm going to visit toby the 8th til the 12th! the rest of the month is just working.

Well, I've been working away. This month we don't get any holidays or half-days, so it will probably be a long one.

I take another certification exam on the 27th. I look forward to passing, so I can quit thinking about it!

My class ring ceremony is this month. That will be fun, and hopefully my newest cousin will come home from the hospital soon.

Busy Month for me and looks like it might get busier...

This week I am meeting with a photographer about being his primary Makeup Artist for shoots.

Next week I have the Bodypainting photoshoot on Friday the 12th. So Thursday I will be driving down to the Bay area and staying the night with my Best Friend. Friday night I have to drive back home. That Saturday is the Premier of "The Search for the Next Elvira". Some friends are throwing a mini-party for me and we will watch the show.

The following week I have another photoshoot in the works. Not confirmed yet, but 99%.

The 21st I am going to Sacramento to meet with MAC again. They told me to bring my SS card and License so...I take it I got the job??

The 26th I have a Glamour Photoshoot. I am doing this one for my BF's B-day gift. Something very classy, yet sexy that we can hang in our bedroom..I have a whole concept planned out that will match the decor. Gonna have to move some of my Bettie Page pics and make room...lOL

Finally Halloween will be here!! I am going to a huge Halloween Party, where everyone camps out. No drunk driving! If I don't go to that one, I may head back out to SF and spend it with my Best Friends???

I've got a few things planned for the month, most of which nothing exciting more like "chores"

1. Since Jerry and I had to move out of the house we were living in we had to move in with my parents, and are looking into some apartments. We've gotta go check out the ones we've wrote down and try to decide on one and then move in!! I'm excited for us to finally have a place for just the two of us after 2 years of living together, but with other people.

2. Spend a lot of time with 3 of my guy friends who have joined the service and will be leaving me soon.

3. Get my gargantuan lay-away out at Buckle before they cancel it.

4. Plan something to wear for Halloween, and then plan exactly what I'm gonna do on Halloween.

5. Start planning and buying Christmas gifts.

6. Get my damn car fixed and get the damn tags renewed.

7. Pick a wedding date? lol maybe?

8. Going to Maggie Valley and Gatlinberg the 2nd to last week of Oct. To do some relaxing and shopping.

9....thats all I can think of for right now. Other than that just hang out with friends and work work work

Going to a first birthday party for my niece.

Christmas shopping... I like to start early just in case money issues come up.

Taking my sister driving.. she'll be getting her license this month.

Halloween parties, taking my little boy around to friends and family for trick-or-treating.

Don't have too much planned, but things always come up.

Marisol, I'm jealous of all your wine tasting... have fun!

I'll be busy working. I just signed a new 1-year contract on October 1st. I'm the regional merchendiser and window-dresser now. And with the new title, of course, also comes bigger pay-check.

I'll try to do more sewing than in the last few months.

No other major plans... pampering, retail therapy...

I will be having a packed october. I have the next 2 weeks off work so I will be doing lots around the house and plenty of sewing.

I have a Halloween party coming up at my boss's house. I also am going to the zoo Monday with my co-workers since it is a short day for us and it is free admission there on holidays.

October is my favorite month.


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