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Jul 12, 2005
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Hello everyone!

I was hoping to find someone who had some experience with the ogilvie hair straight system.

Now, in saying that, and I don't mean to sound rude, but I have already heard the warnings about home straightening (especially Easy Straight... don't worry, not using it). Most of the reply posts I have seen on other sites about topics like this are things along the lines of "don't EVER try this at home you'll go bald!" I am really, really hoping to find someone with knowledge of the product, or any product similar to it, not just a warning against attempting it.

I want to straighten my unevenly curly hair using a chemical or something because I just don't have the time to blow dry and/or flat iron it every morning. In fact, I have even considered perming it just so that it will have a consistant texture - wavy, curly, straight, whatever. I just HATE this schizo thing it does where some parts are curly, some are straight, and then some frizz for no apparant reason. So if you can reccomend anything to deal with nutty hair, I would love any suggestions.

Thanks for any and all advice!!!

Welcome Empressmaile! I'm Janelle, from NY. Nice to meet you!

I haven't tried the Ogilvie, but you already know my opinions on striaighteners, since you've probably read other threads on it! lol

Honestly despite the fact that the chemicals are damaging, I've seen a lot of people have more trouble with the texture of their 'new' hair than what they had originally. I find that it's more work after you use it... because your hair is drier, and styling it is still a pain. Honestly I've VERY rarely seen a case of straightening where the hair is so pin straight and as wonderful as they'd let on - where you just wash and go, and it looks like you've spent an hour doing it. Ususally you'll still have waves somewhere (most likely at the roots if you have color treated hair - because that is where the more 'virgin' hair is) and the ends are straight, but frizzy straight. So you can't curl it anymore... but then again, you can't just leave it like that... so you'll most likely still have to dry it or iron it, and being it's more porous & dry now... it'll take longer, and probably won't look the same as if you straightened it now. You can get a body wave if you want more uniformity to your curls/waves... it's still the same chemical as a perm, but you can at least get more styling options because they use such large rods, and can place them where they'd even out the parts that don't wave/curl like the rest. And yet, you can still straighten it if you want to, and not be held into one style for who knows how long... and your hair won't be so tortured.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do!


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