Oh how the little things add up...

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Aug 16, 2012
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October was originally intended to be the month I was going to buy a lot of make-up in the first place because of the supposed Sephora F&F sale that was going to happen, but I had a minor job layoff scare at the beginning of the month. (Sort of resolved as of right now... at least I'll still be working next month.) When I found out, I was trying to hold back, but oh now the little things add up...

Birchbox - $10 UGH THIS BOX WAS HORRIBLE. I also paid $30 at the end of last month for a gift sub, and i'm not even adding it on to this total.

Birchbox order - $7.72 after 20% off and $20 worth of points

ipsy - $20 I got two boxes

Julep - $6 for the add-on

Ulta - $9.72 after the $5 off $10 thing

Sephora - $6 - I had money on a GC from last year, so I ended up paying little out of hand

Butter London on Coterie - $3 round one after $25 off

drugstore.com - $25.63 after the 40% off beauty savings

BeautySage.com editor's box - $5 with FS

Butter London on Coterie - $8 round two after $20 off

Total: $101.07

Oops. Not exactly a low-buy month.

I thought I was getting a good deal on everything! I probably did get a good deal on everything, but all the little things...

Has this ever happened to anyone else? XD You tried to not buy anything but then all the $10, $20 purchases kept adding up...

At least I have a bunch of new make-up to review for my blog! Too bad I'm supposed to be saving up for a camera to take pictures of them with!!

Yep! I feel like it's a great deal, but multiply that by 10 and do the math! Definitely adds up! Lol.. if everyone sat and counted receipts, it'd probably surprise many how much is coming outta our pockets still.

Oh I feel your pain. I spent $18 at one Walgreens, $10 at another, $5 or $6 at another. Paid for both Test Tubes (almost $80 there), four Ipsy subscriptions for another $40... The Look Bag $9.71 (which was a total waste since only one product I'd dare use... Beauty Army... Almost $80 on Lime Crime.... I don't even remember what else.... I'd say about $250 give or take.

I was SO proud of myself today for not spending anything at Lush/Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack/Ulta/Sephora/TJ Maxx/Ross (Hey, shopping means walking, which is my exercise). And ....then I went to CVS. And all of a sudden, while I DO have a ton to show for it, my bank account is about $50 lighter (even though I have about $40 in ECBs from it).

I'd say be proud of yourself. Anything you don't spend is money saved, right? Baby steps....


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