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May 31, 2005
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Yikes kids..

Sorry i have been MIA.. SO much has happened. Lets see.

[*]MUT got blocked from my internet at work. D*MN THEM! Shakes fist at the IT department, they never let me have any FUN!

[*]I got rid of that LOSER Steve and got myself a Hydrogeologist, who's super nice.. and yes, slow is the way to go.

[*]I have been working like crazy~!

[*]My mom GOT A JOB! HURRAY!

[*]I missed you all so much, but to be honest, i am on a computer all day long and not for nothing, its so hard to sit at one at home when you have been working overtime on one at WORK!

[*]Work.. there is a reason why its not called PLAY

[*]things are starting to even out.. Just been plain insane for me..

But i am here for a quick moment, i have some errands to run. i should be back soon.

Oh, yeah, my JONATHAN product samples came.. YESTERDAY! Remember how long it was i asked for them.. chrissakes.. SLOW!

we missed you, too!

i am SO glad you got rid of that LOSER. loser's right!

how exactly is MUT blocked at work? do they see how much you access it and then it's blocked or...?

Does your company subscribe to one those filter services so that certain sites can't be accessed? My family subscribes to one of those 'family plan' types that filter out sites for mature viewers(porn sites for example)

Lauryn! We all miss you too.. Delighted to hear that you've found a new guy though & that you're taking things slow. Pop in whenever you get the chance. How are you finding the Jonathan samples?

PS. If your computer is on a network at work Jennifer, yes they can see what sites you're accessing. Its blocked for me too most days but the block comes down one day a week

yay, glad you´re back...I really hope you get to come here more often soon, we all missed you!!!! :icon_love

Hi Honey,

Glad things are going good for you. I too, know how hard it can be to find time to hang out here. It's terrible because I love it here soooo much! I don't have internet access at work. That would be the best. But I don't think I can talk them into it so I can play at mut. Darn them!

I hope things go well with you and the new beau. I was a bit worried about "loser".... You are so much better off without someone like that bringing you down.

Congrats to Mom!!

Hi Macforme,.it was still nice of you to pop in even though life has been hectic.Glad things are getting better and you're taking this slowely,sometimes that's the best way to be.