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Nov 28, 2004
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I have always had oily skin...now that I'm 26, seems I'm also getting flaky skin on my cheeks (around my nose especially), chin and a bit on my forehead. What gives? Is my cleanser too strong for my now "mature" skin? :/ (I just use the orange Neutrogena in the pump bottle).

Do you think I should switch cleansers?

Also, what's the best way to get rid of the flakes.... scrubs (I have St. Ives but it doesn't seem to work *that* great) or what?

Thanks in advance!


Please, please step away from the St. Ives!! That stuff literally scratches your skin! Bad, bad, bad!

First, you should use a gentler cleanser. No need to strip your skin of everything.

Then, get a decent exfoliator. I'm in looove with Dr. Brandt's Microdermabrasion in a jar. It's kinda pricey, but you only use a nickel-sized amount every 2-3 days.

I got into Dr. Brandt by trying the Poreless Kit:


The kit has a 1oz Micro in a Jar, & a 1oz Pore Effect, along with some other stuff. The Pore Effect is an awesome night treatment for oily/combo skin. It keeps my skin clear w/o irritating.

Melzie, do you think you could have dry patches rather than it flaking & that you might have COMBINATION skin instead of oily. I thought i had oily skin for the past year & was using products for oily skin all the time. It was only when i visited a Chanel counter & the lady told me that i was dry around my nose & chin so i actually have combination skin. She told me that the products that i was using for oily skin would have caused even more oil in my skin so that's why i could never find a product to suit me. Maybe it's something to have a look at??

Wow, thanks for all the replies, ladies!

You have definitely given me some things to think about. I bet you're right, that I do have combination skin...hmm...

OK, think I'll switch to a newer, gentler cleanser and find a better moisturizer (I have been using an acne control moisturizer, but that's probably too harsh?)..

Thanks again for all the tips!

I also have combination skin -- my face is very oily and shiny on my forehead and cheeks, but tends to get dry and flaky on my nose and chin. I have prescription creams for my face to control the acne (actually just clogged pores, not "true" acne), but I have to either apply them very lightly or skip them all together on the dry areas. So I would suggest you do the same with your Neutragena -- no need to switch cleansers if the Neutragena works on your oily skin. But if you can find a cleanser that is more gentle and still controls the oily skin, that may be good too.

For exfoliation and getting rid of the flakes, my dermatologist recommended using a Buf Puf brand sponge (or generic equivalent -- he told me to use the "original" texture but "gentle" may be good if your skin is more sensitive), with either Cetaphil soap (which is very non-irritating) or Dove soap (which contains some moisturizers). While I wash my face with the sponge and Cetaphil every night just to clean the skin, the sponge does help get rid of the flakes when they start to develop! And as long as you don't rub your skin raw with the sponge, this is probably a very gentle way to exfoliate since there are no harsh chemicals!


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