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Jun 2, 2007
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Hi guys, what can I use for my shiny oily skin..I hate how at the end of the day it feels really sticky. I've tried clay masks, powders, silicone mattifiers, and even this thing called milk of magnesium and NOTHING WORKS!!! Any suggestions..thanks.

if its really bothering you and youve litterly tried everything, i'd go and see a dermatologist.

Accutane can be prescribed for oily skin. I have been on it twice - the second was for excessive oiliness.

A dermatologist can prescribe it. Make an appointment and see what they think or if there are other meds available.

In Canada, your family doctor has to refere you to a derm.

Good Luck

Originally Posted by Carolyn /img/forum/go_quote.gif In Canada, your family doctor has to refere you to a derm. same here !try a dermatologist, i even saw an endocrinologist because in my case my hormones (too much of them) led to oily skin and pimples.

It may be a combination of hormones and genetics and you just have to "grow out of it", but if it's really bothering you I'd try what's been suggested and see a Dermatologist. You can also do a search in this forum for oily skin and you'll find a TON of threads with lots of suggestions!

i find that any products with salicylic acid in it helps because usually oil prone skin causes acne. I had the same problem. I use murad and i just switched to ddf because it has a higher amount of salycic acid in it. My acne is gone now i am just trying to get rid of the dark spots they have left behing. My skin use to be so oily people use to say my forehead shined and i could wipe it off and you could see the oil on my hands. It was ridiculous.

Hello to all, i am beaman .I have also suffering from oilly skin.Its look really bad.

Do you use a moisturizer? Regardless of how oily you skin may be, you still need one. Your skin maybe reacting from the lack of moisture and overcompensates by pumping out more oil to protect itself.

Try using a gentle cleanser w/ an alcohol-free toner that doesn't strip your skin of it's natural oil and an oil-free moisturizer. Short of it being a hormonal problem (which you will need to see dermatologist for), you will notice a drop in the oiliness when your skin's sebum level balances out.

Good luck, let us know how it goes.


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