OK! Exclusive: Christina Aguilera's Pregancy Confirmed!

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Oct 29, 2005
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OK! Exclusive: Christina Aguilera's Pregancy Confirmed!


It may be the worst-kept secret in entertainment of late, what with Paris Hilton spouting off about it last weekend in Vegas, but Christina Aguilera has still not publicly confirmed that she and record exec hubby Jordan Bratman are expecting. Well, she doesn't have to anymore, because someone else has done it for her, direct to OK!.

While chatting recently with the executive producer of this Sunday's Emmy Awards, OK! learned a lot about what to expect from the gala event — the stage layout is different; Kanye West is going to perform; and, oh yeah, Christina is definitely preggers!

In describing to OK! how the songtress will be performing the classic tune "Steppin' Out," exec. producer Ken Ehrlic casually let it slip that "We're sensitive to the pregnancy, but I can't wait for her to sing." Oops. Guess the pregnant cat is out of the bag now.

So, come on Christina, why not come out and tell everyone the good news? We promise to bring a nice gift to the baby shower

OK! Magazine - First for Celebrity News - OK! Exclusive: Christina Aguilera's Pregancy Confirmed!

she's probably a bit mad that he told them that I bet she planned it as a surprise to show up with a tummy...

I'm happy for her, wish them the best!

I think its her strategy for more publicity. I mean we knew she was pregnant from the moment someone saw her leave a OB GYNO office, then her pointing at her bump during concert, she knows WE know shes pregnant she just wants us to keep talking bout her.

GoodJOb Xtina!

Well, I've seen pics of her not "concealing" it too well, but she looks damned good regardless for a pregnant woman! Anywho! I'm still happy for them!

Well, I mean... ain't it good to keep your pregnancy under wrap until your 1st trimester is over? I heard it was best just incase the mother miscarriages or something. So I don't think it was stupid of her to keep it hush-hush, whether we knew already or not.

I'm happy for her...yee.

months ago someone said she was pregnant or something like that, i thought she already confirmed but now it is out and open just say it

Well when I met her for work she told us they we're 5 months pregnant (thats why this project we are doing with her is driving me insane).

It never seemed like they were keeping it a secret. They just want it to be private. I still feel bad for her - we've been dealing with Jordan a lot more because she is still super busy and I think to myself "this girl needs to slow down for the baby!"

Why are people telling her business? Geeze. Thank God I dont know those people personally or I will teach them a thing or two about shutting the **** up. Hopefully she tells the world HERSELF.

I actually feel insulted when celebs deny their pregnancy but yet flaunt it in our faces. It is their body which makes it none of my business. But why say you are not pregnant when it is so obvious?

it's been obvious for months. I think the woman should be able to have her privacy, that's only fair, but seriously, it was/is getting rediculous since it's so obvious.

Anyway, congratulationst to her and the hubby


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