Okay this really freaks me out!!!!!!!!!!

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Apr 18, 2004
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Credit to: http://www.t-tapp.com/articles/flatstomach/default.htm

"Putting the Organs in Place" <TABLE><TBODY><TR><TD>Starting position

Lie on back with knees bent and feet close to buns. Feel how the internal organs naturally flatten out against the spine with gravitational pull. Tuck fanny slightly and feel how the organs shift upward towards the rib cage.


First Step

Keep fanny tucked, place hands inside left hip bone and push into abdominal cavity. Then push the organs towards center of the tummy. Repeat.

</TD><TD vAlign=center>

Second Step

Keep fanny tucked, place hands inside right hip bone and push into abdominal cavity. Then push the organs towards center of the tummy.

</TD><TD vAlign=center>

Third Step

Keep fanny tucked and place hands on lower abdomen, just below bladder (lower than photo). Push fingertips into abdominal cavity and roll palms flat as you continue to push into abdomen. You may feel some discomfort as the organs move up towards the rib cage.

</TD><TD vAlign=center>

Fourth Step

Hold palms flat into abdominal cavity and "tighten" the muscles underneath. Hold for 8 counts. Once strong enough, hold position for an additional 8 counts without hands on tummy. Keeping fanny up, continue to do "fanny tucks" never touching the floor for a total of 20 tucks. Lower hips and rest 8 counts. Repeat entire sequence. Then Proceed into "Half Frog Sequence".

</TD><TD vAlign=center>


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LOL just the fact that you are moving your inners around just gives me a funny feeling inside. I mean what if you move something in the wrong place? Oh and if it worked for you how long did it take you to see results?

Originally Posted by naturally Okay ... First ..from Teresa Tapp's bio: "Teresa began jetting around the world on the international modeling circuit, booking and training talent for catalogs, editorials and campaign contracts, all while working and living with at least eight young models at a time. "Mother Teresa" developed many secrets for getting these young women in shape fast and keeping their energy levels high. Working in this multi-cultural environment allowed Teresa the opportunity to capitalize on her education and gather statistical information" You can read more at her site www.t-tapp.com click on her picture to read her bio. Now ..OIP/Half Frogs ...yes ..it does feel funny at first ..especially moving those things around ..but it's safe and you won't move anything out of place. But if you think about how things work ..how our "organs" tend to drop as we age ..because let's face it ..things just don't stay as firm as they should. Especially if you've had kids! Unless you have the bucks to have a personal trainer afterwards ..or one of those that drops the weight and looks FAB afterwards. You are working that girdle of muscle just underneath ..building on it ..strengthening it and in turn it will hold those organs up there. I measured and then did a bootcamp for 13 days ..took 2 days off and then remeasured. I'd lost 2 inches in the waist and another 2 in the lower abs ..that area 3" below the belly (POOCH) and an inch in my hips. In another 3 wks I lost another inch off each of those three areas. And that's doing the exercise every other day. Once you do a bootcamp ..that's all you need to do it ..every other day (EOD). Then when you get to your goal ...you workout twice a week. You can do a small workout everyday ...but you don't have to do the Total Workout or as intense. The spot reducing is is mainly the tummy area but I'm sure you could do one of the others to work on butts, the bra-buldge, etc. Holy Cow, G.I. Jane!!! You must be pretty health. I hate exercise (at least forced exercise) but don't mind spot exercises. Hmmmm.. Losting 2" would give me a 25" waist. That'd be ok with me. But ice cream loves me and I love it.
Originally Posted by naturally Yeah ..but you could eat whatever you want ..knowing that maybe twice a week would be all you had to do for exercising. Oh ..I hate exercise ...but knowing how I feel and what good it does for my body ...outweighs those downfalls. Then again ...maybe 20 years of doing PT in the Navy helped in that conditioning ...nahhhh ...hate it still. But knowing that if I need to ..I can do a mini bootcamp (4 days in a row of Total Workout) and take of a day ..then go to every other day and watch more inches drop. Oh ..I'm not GI Jane either ...there's 5 years from my retirement date in the Navy ...LOTS of time to let things go! LOL 2 years ago when I got on the scale and saw I was 172 ..that started this ball rolling ..and now down to 132. Lots of ups & downs ..and finally on the downslide or rather maintaining. A sincere congrats is in order since your routine takes dedication and hard work. And that's a LOT of weight to lose. I bet you look fantastic. I really admire those who exercise so often. I am not one of them unless you count fun exercise.
When you retire, I bet you'll take the military with you. I've seen it happen to all. It usually has an effect! The people in my family who've been in the military are very tidy and most of them like routines/regiments and are hard working.

Hats off. You deserve it. Are you parents proud of you? They better be!!!! Just wondering.

P.S. What's your opinion on all of the accusations from women in military that they are being raped, harrassed, and/or molested? Did you receive harrassment or difficulties when you were actively involved ?? Do men really hate women that much?

Originally Posted by naturally Thanks ..(blushing). I still have some toning to do ..that belly pooch is getting smaller ...just not small enough (or rather flat enough) but getting there. It is hard work ..but knowing what good I'm doing for my body ..well it's worth it ..because often I see those that just complain and don't do anything about it ..and want that "Magic" pill (I was one of those before my journey of eating right and exercise). Fun exercise is good ..that's what makes it even better. T-tapp is fun in a way ..hard to explain ..but it doesn't take long ..you're laughing at yourself ..yelling at the tv (at Teresa) ..telling you to tuck tuck tuck ...but the feeling afterwards ..wow!
I retired Sept. 99 at Pearl Harbor HI. (wished we could have stayed there to live ..but VERY costly). I am proud that I made it 20 years ..whew! There were MANY times I wanted to just quit and I even went on a few job interviews. We don't keep a tight running ship (LOL) at home ..but we do have some routines. I like the discipline it does teach you ...maybe that's why I workout now ..that discipline. Yes ..my parents are proud ...my father retired from the Army and I was the only sibling (of 4) to follow in his Military foot-steps.

Hmmm ..It's a man's world in the Military ...hell ..it's a man's world period. I'm not so sure about all this raping, harrassed or molested stuff though. I never received any of it ...but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I used to joke and say because I had boobs I wasn't taken seriously so as women we have to strive that much harder to be taken seriously. But women also make their own beds too! (if you get my drift) LOL

I made sure I knew my job and did it well. It is a Good Ol' Boy network ...I just found that if I fit in with the boys ..I did better! One of the guys so to say! Is there hazing more with women ..maybe ..but then I think that can be good ..because it should challenge you to be better and get over that.

One of the main reasons I retired ....it was getting TOO POLITICALLY CORRECT ...we were becoming a kinder, gentler military. Tony could probably understand what I'm talking about. We'd have kids coming to their first duty station and asking about their cards ...their TIME-OUT cards because they got them in bootcamp. You just wanted to shake them and tell them ....In time of war there is NO time out! They didn't have the cycling and pushups I had in bootcamp ..one thing out of place and you hit the floor and gave 50. If they got tired they could say Time Out! Sheesh!

Okay ..you have me ranting now ...sorry! LOL There's a whole different respect from those that have served ..whether it's 4 yrs or 30.

This was very interesting for me to read. I like to hear about it when people are proud of an accomplishment or when they have worked really hard to attain something. It's refreshing since we all complain so much. I think MOST people are stronger than even THEY know. We all have different kinds of tests and I am definately cheering for anyone who deals with difficulty and obstacles in a successful way.
I would like to have pleased my father too! I don't think he is happy with me because he'd like me to be a doctor or a lawyer. I even went to law school and I hated it; it is not my passion. I figure I have to gather my self-worth from me because that's the only way to get it and that's NOT easy!

Thanks for sharing part of your life. I love reading about people. This is why I like them- they all have a unique story and there is something to like about everyone (except for Charles Manson and the like). Everyone is a result of their own experiences and even as tough as life is, the result is pretty cool! (Exception: When people drive, their worst side comes out).




Originally Posted by naturally Don't ever think you didn't make your Father proud ...sure he wanted you to be a Doctor ..or a Lawyer ..and you even went to school but didn't like it. All parents want their children to do well ..but doesn't mean we aren't proud of them in whatever they do (unless of course they are Charles Manson) ...LOL! I'm sure you're the sparkle in your Dad's eyes!
We never know just exactly what we'd do in a situation ..never! I know I was maybe one of the shallowest people many many years ago ..well ..looks is what drove me. Maybe that was the lesson I had to learn. I wanted to be a model many many years ago too ..had the body (or not ...was VERY skinny) and gorgeous skin ..blah blah blah ..but for whatever reason I joined the Navy. Well into my first stint I was in a serious accident ...the hood of the car and windshield wiper was forced inside the car when we rear-ended a farm tractor. Naturally ..it got me ..my face! I wasn't knocked out long ..was very aware of my surroundings. I was the passenger in a small Fiat. It took an hour for the driver (my then boyfriend) to get someone to stop. Well I remember them cutting my clothes off ..GOD WAS I GLAD I HAD ON CLEAN PANTIES! LOL ...I spent 6 wks in the hospital ...my face was torn open ...missing eyelids ..but my lashes were still there ..hanging on. Cheek bone crushed, nose moved a 1/2 inch to the right, front teeth missing ...looked like an explosive imploded from the inside out of my cheek. 3 hrs later they were done stitching me up ..100 stitches ..saved what was left of my lids ...sort of. First thing I did was look in the mirror ...to which the nurses didn't want happen but I was too fast. The only words I said ...was that was TOO late for Halloween because I had a really good look going! They came to my room when they felt down ..not sure why ...Oh I had my days ..crying, why me ..so on. But I knew then ..then I couldn't get anymore down than that day ..so UP was all I had to go.

I take my skincare serious ..and have been since ...is it because of my scars ..most folks don't even see them ..but I do ..I always will. You have the will to do what ever it is that you want (well ..within reason ..I mean .....well you know what I mean). Don't let ambitions fly past you ...go for it! When you fall down, get back up! ...God I sound like a Hallmark card about now ..okay ..I'll stop!

Wow. I never ever would have guessed by looking at your pic that you had this happen. Your skin is amazing. What a terrifying thing to happen. Who needs shrapnel when you have windshield wipers!?? Everyone has had their challenges! We think we are alone in our pain or suffering but everyone has it.
You have lived an impetuous life and your attitude is great! Isn't it true though, that we'd all like to please our folks or guardians? I realize I am MUCH TOO old to be fretting over it. I gave up long ago, but I suppose if I really and truly let go, I would not be writing about it here! bla bla bla....


After all of this reporting on the abuse at the prison in Iraq, I just question my support of women in the military. That PFC Lindsay woman who is there getting pregnant by another Pfc, all the alleged harrassment ... I start to think that if women can't behave and can't get along (and men can't accept them and let them be) that they don't belong there. I am quite angry about it too.

SOmetimes people get what they deserve. I think Lindsay did. I'm glad they have her cleaning walls in the states now. It's a shame. I have to admit that I do not know how most women in the military are or if this is just a case of bad seed/s, but it sure is in the news a lot. If men won't handle being around women and women won't handle themselves around men in the military, then why "f*#!#*" around!!?? If there are so many complaints, distractions, and hostilities, then maybe women should support the military in other ways.

The same with female cops. ... I was watching "Cops" the other night and saw how NO one was intimidated by the female cops. Furthermore ... because of PC laws, they are not allowed to shoot unless the perp fires first. So this one female cop gets hit by this big man on drugs and she does NOTHING to help the case, but she manages to get in the way. Also her partner has to watch out for her. She becomes a liability.

I never thought I'd hear myself talking in a way that long ago I'd perceive as sexist. But it sure makes me think. I'm not saying that women can't be all kinds of things that they want to be, but when they hinder someone else's job on a regular basis- they need to get OUT! It doesn't matter who instigates the trouble- trouble is energy spent on crap rather than energy spent on goals/resolve/unity/strength.

Grrrrr. Ok tks. Had to rant. LOL. I could be wrong. I'm open to any objections/refletions/etc..


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