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Feb 22, 2006
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I have a GC to Macy's, and I'm going to MAC on Friday. My original plan was to use it for the MSFs w/ the N-Collection, which my MAC again verified comes out on Thursday. But, I'm kind of in debate since those colors just sound so familiar, and I don't need dupes or a combination of colors I have. I know I need a new Brow Set, and I'm thinking about getting Plush Lash. Plus I'm trading my empties for Velvet Teddy l/s.

Assuming the little birdie did his job and informed the in-laws I want another GC, plus whatever he'll spend on me for my birthday, I might luck into being able to get more than the MSFs (or I won't get them and can really play)! Believe it or not, yours truly only has 1 MAC brush, and it's the 182. I'm holding out on the 187 still... Don't ask why, but I am.

So, what brushes should I get? I have brushes I like for liners, so I'm not too worried about those (short of the 219 which I think I MUST have!). What's your face brush for e/s? I'm in debate between the 228, 231, 239, and 272. Any others? AND! If I get a blush brush, should I get the 169, 116, 129, 168, or just finally get the damned 187?

I've never used MAC brushes and finally decided to try them- I bought two of the heirlooms sets, so maybe you want to look into that?? If you're just looking for one full size though, I have heard (too) many great reviews on the 187
Happy choosing!

haha...i have the MAC foundation brush, no clue what numbers the brushes are
have a good day shopping though!!!

I forgot what blush brush it is... but its GODSEND! Its the white blush brush and has a blunt top, kind of at an angle!? But its amazing and absolutely does the job. It works well for contouring and foundation if you decide to use it for that instead of blush. And the plush lash is also amazing! =] I have a few myself! Happy Shopping!

I love my 187 for foundation. The 239 is next on my list. Have fun shopping.

My friend said the MAC 169 is awesome for blush, so I might check into that. I know I definitely have the 219 on my wishlist. I'll just have to have Chris tell me what brushes I NEED and why LOL!

well i think the 228 is so cute it would be a good brush to have, the 219 is definitely a brush i want (lol we can't even order it on the french website because they're out of stock, i guess that means it's really great
) and i'm debating with myself if i should get the 213 or the 239.

i don't know about the blush brushes, but i have one that looks very much like the 187 (the grey one from sephora) and i love it !

I think absolute must haves r 219,129 & 239 especially for pigments and I have the 1 Flirt!Skunk brush so I passed out on the 187!

Thanks everyone! I'm leaning heavily on the 239, 219 and another one... I can't remember the number LOL!

I just got back from MAC - and I really know nothing about MSF but my new fav MA told me it's pretty much the same MSF but with "plus" added in it, meaning like now there's more variety. I guess. I dunno if you already knew or whatever. But yeah. She got me pysched for the collection though...

...and get the damned 187 brush

I got a replica, but even that replica is like - the best, especially for liquid foundation. I really want an authentic to use as blush brush.

I think I've owned every single MAC eye brushes, and now all I use is the 239 and 219. Totally my favorites.


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