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Okay, what should I get?

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Feb 22, 2006
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I have a GC to Macy's, and I'm going to MAC on Friday. My original plan was to use it for the MSFs w/ the N-Collection, which my MAC again verified comes out on Thursday. But, I'm kind of in debate since those colors just sound so familiar, and I don't need dupes or a combination of colors I have. I know I need a new Brow Set, and I'm thinking about getting Plush Lash. Plus I'm trading my empties for Velvet Teddy l/s.

Assuming the little birdie did his job and informed the in-laws I want another GC, plus whatever he'll spend on me for my birthday, I might luck into being able to get more than the MSFs (or I won't get them and can really play)! Believe it or not, yours truly only has 1 MAC brush, and it's the 182. I'm holding out on the 187 still... Don't ask why, but I am.

So, what brushes should I get? I have brushes I like for liners, so I'm not too worried about those (short of the 219 which I think I MUST have!). What's your face brush for e/s? I'm in debate between the 228, 231, 239, and 272. Any others? AND! If I get a blush brush, should I get the 169, 116, 129, 168, or just finally get the damned 187?