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Sep 12, 2005
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well first of all hi how are you..? well my moisture is finished and i dont want to rebuy because i wasnt happy with mine tomorrow im going to buy a new moisture that has spf i was thinking of buying olay complete the one that has spf 15 for combo/oily skin its a lotion so what do u think if yous dont know anything about it then can someone please recommend a moisture with sunscreen please that wont iratte my skin because nearly everything irattes my skin and causes it to break out. Hope to hear from u soon

Thank u

This is an AWESOME product. Great if you have oily skin, has kept mine incredibly matte. It has never made me break out and I have pretty acne prone skin. It also is so gentle I use it around my eyes sometimes- yes, even my eyes! I have NEVER found a lotion with decent sunscreen that can do that. Also, I have read a lot on sun protection, and zinc oxide is the best ingredient if you want really good UVA and UVB protection. Olay Complete contans zinc oxide. Hope this helps!

I use it too, but I think it's the one for normal skin. It's great though!

If you try it and like it, don't forget to post a review! You get 2 added to your post count for every 1 product review!! Thanks!

Originally Posted by Mouna /img/forum/go_quote.gif thanks for ur reply that helped so much thank u so much Glad to help!
i'm using this product now but for normal skin and i love it. going to repurchase once finish with product. i'm also going to try Olay cleansers.

I just bought this exact product like 3 days ago! It seems good, feels nice going on, no irritation etc.

Funny thing is, the other versions of this - the Normal/Dry and the Sensitive - both have warnings on the box saying that it contains a certain ingredient (can't remember what) that may irritate some people, but the Oily/Combination one doesn't have that ingredient or the warning.

I thought that was really weird that the Sensitive one had that in it!

Anyway it's a good moisturiser from what I can see so far, and I want to try the SPF30 Olay next.

So I bought the SPF30 Olay - and there's something in it that my skin reacted to, so now I have a bad rash/chemical burn on my cheeks and ears, but nowhere else that I applied it (rest of face, neck, chest)! Weird.

Anyway it's really ouchies and red and bumpy, and itchy! I've been taking anti-histamines for it. I guess things react with everyone's skin differently. Something odd though, I'd had the Olay on today and a few hours ago I decided I couldn't handle the light urn that was getting worse and worse (I thought just maybe my skin wasn't used to it because it was new) so I washed it off with Cetaphil and that made it worse somehow! Like the water made it worse - you'd think that washing off the offending product would help lol!

Oh well. Hide in my room for a few days


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