Olive Oil.. Anyone use it?

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Cool, i'll look for that particular one so. Thanks Kim

I'm thinking back...my best friend growing up used olive oil after she read about in a magazine. She said it worked for her really well. I never got around to trying it but now I'm thinking about it. Sounds like it could be used like the Liz Earle Hot polish cleanser that I use right now. I mean you use a muslin cloth to remove the cleanser which is a thick cream instead of the cream I'll try the olive oil and then remove it with the cloth. I'll let you know how it goes. I have to say that after using the Liz Earle cleanser with the cloth my congested skin has cleared up. It has taken about a month now but my skin is so much better than before. Maybe using a cloth to remove the olive oil will help to keep the pores clean naturally. Thanks for bringing this up Laura!

I've never heard of using it like this before, I will have to give it a try! I do use it on my hair though, I mix up a couple Tbls. of olive oil with mayonnaise and put it on my hair, wrap it with Saran wrap and a warm towel from the dryer, and leave it for 30 minutes or longer if I have the time, it leaves my hair really soft.
Oh my! You're kidding me! Well no doubt olive oil is a great antioxidant BUT I would use it on my salad not on my face. Maybe on my face in an emergency if I ran out of my moisturizer. But if this is what you want to use, go for it.

Ok, I tried it. I have extra virgin olive oil I use for cooking so I used it to cleanse my face and I removed it with the muslin cloth. It made my skin very clean and soft. No complaints here!

Olive oil is among some of the excellent emollients. If is real (As many stores sell an ordinary sesame seeds oil by adding color and fragrances) is 2 good for all types of skin. Great is that when we use oil on scalp and face, some ppls get acne but if its natural and original, It'll not happen in the case of OLIVE OIL.

Massage of olive oil on face nourishes skin and cleans ur pour but dont leave it for a long time as excess of anything is always bad.

Massage on head has good result in falling hair and it makes hair thicker and darker, more it prevents head from certain deseases.

Massage on body makes u feel healthy and strong specially if u massage it your baby she will get stronger and firmer.

Massage of lips prevents cracking and dryness. You can make ur own lipstick and gloss wit it.etc........

You can even drink it (if pure) 1/2 taespoon in milk, water or salad ,has laxative properties so can be use 1 tea spoon as laxative.

Thats ALL for now


Dr.Lubna Zubair Alam

Originally Posted by Reija(admin) Ok, I tried it. I have extra virgin olive oil I use for cooking so I used it to cleanse my face and I removed it with the muslin cloth. It made my skin very clean and soft. No complaints here! Oh cool Reija, i raided my kitchen yesterday but we didn't have any extra virgin olive oil so i'll buy some during the week.
hi all,

ive been using Extra virgin olive oil for a week now on my oily skin and doing 2 honey masks a week and i must say that my skin looks sooo much better. i dont even get oily like before, and i have tried everything..u name it ive done it...i highly recommend this for all skin types..i only need my moisturizer for eyes and no other skin potion before makeup...please please if anyone needs skin help USE THIS......the honey will give you a couple of pimples but this will go away as honey is antiseptic and pulls out all impurities....

An article I found on Italiancookingandliving.com about olive oil...

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Olive Oil - Its Cosmetic and Curative Powers

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Ancient Greeks and Romans used olive oil for the care of their bodies. Almost all men and women, young or old, sick or healthy, rich or poor, used it a few times a day. Oil was spread all over the body before and after bathing. At first its function was only that of soap, then it was used as an moisturizer, enriched with aromas obtained from herbs and flowers.

Those with dry hair and skin were considered dirty; for this reason people bathed and moisturized their entire bodies with oil at least once a day in order to cultivate a healthy appearance. At first these unguents obtained from the combination of olive oil and herbs or flowers were imported from the Orient, then they were produced in Greece and later on in the Roman Empire. Typically, a noblewoman would bathe three times a day, while a Greek playboy would bathe at least five times.

The Egyptians manufactured perfumes and ointments of all types, and Cleopatra was known for using perfumes and cosmetics of all types. Many of them used olive oil as a base, usually from colorless, tasteless, unscented olives picked well before they were ripe (about three months too early), in August.

Initially, Ancient Romans used oil only during sacrifices, but it soon became a fundamental part of Roman life. People washed with oil at least three times daily or rubbed themselves with olive oil and removed the excess with a strigil — a stick used for the purpose — leaving a thin, protective film on the skin, protecting it from dirt and cold.

This care of the body also had a practical reason: oil forms a protective film over the skin thus protecting the pores from the infiltration of dirt and dust. In addition, oil is a bad thermal conductor, thus protecting the skin from the cold and the sun's rays. The numerous containers for olive oil made of different materials like gold, silver, marble, ivory, or wood, confirms the ancient cult for cleanliness and the use of emulsifiers.

It is not clear if the silver vase above, decorated with olive branches and olives, was used as a container for aromatic oils, edible olive oil, olives or wine. Preserved at Naples National Museum, the vase was found with 118 other pieces that were part of a dining set recovered in the excavation of the Menander House in Pompeii. The vase dates back to the Imperial period and was buried during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius which took place in the 1st century. Olive oil wasn't used only for the production of aromatic moisturizer, but also as an ointment for wounds and curative pomades. Such ointments were used to treat bleeding wounds, insect bites, and burns, headaches, tired eyes or any other part of the body that needed to be disinfected. It was also used in cases of poisoning, stomach problems and even pregnancy. In the Bible Moses uses olive oil to cure lepers.

Tha brand DHC is amazing, I really love it. They have some really great Olive Oil products you should check out. =) I am using it now and I see a total difference in the tone and texture of my skin. It's very inexpensive in my point of view. For what it does.. it is a great price

Thanks for posting Janelle. I had heard a few things about it, but this answered many of my questions.

Originally Posted by keaLoha Thanks for posting Janelle. I had heard a few things about it, but this answered many of my questions. Welcome!
I know I've read other stuff on it... mayeb even a past post on here? Not sure... but this one was a pretty good one

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